View Full Version : How to make a chewbacca figure using a Big foot!

May 19, '14, 10:05 AM
Hey guys, After buying Megospidey's Han Solo, I decided he should not be alone, started to blast my brain as how to make a Chewbacca figure, i didn't want to sew a furry suit so I decided to venture in making it using a big foot figure, I've never seen one in person, but it seemed that it would work....

So I purchased one from the mego store (Thanks Scott!) Once I got it , I took out the suit, and took a look at the body... mine was a bit loose on the legs, Maybe its because of its hight, but it's kind of hart to make him stand on his own....

I already had one of these Chewy Pez dispensers, all i needed was to take out the head (carefully) because the scale is right compared to Big foot's own head....


.....more to come

May 19, '14, 10:09 AM
Now, the suit, it has a velcro in the back, and it also has a small pillow shaped thing that makes him look fat, I took that out using some very sharp scissors
By removing this, the suit did not look fat, but ended up looking a bit baggy....

Brown Bear
May 19, '14, 10:21 AM
I like where this is going. Very cool.

May 19, '14, 12:59 PM
THanks Brown Bear!

To control the looseness, I used some small rubber bands i found , they are really small and are colored brown or black, I put then on the chest, legs, arms waist, that way the suit looked less baggy...

To attach the head i Used one small Lion ROck head I had lying around, i painted it brown....


For the bag I used one 1/6 millitary bag I had, it was green so i painted it brown, the strap is one hair bow i found brown color, and the ammo cartridges are made with thick foam sheet from the hobby store!

So that's it! Chewwy is done! I will post more pics of him on the finished custom section!

May 19, '14, 1:16 PM
That's Awesome! Nice job for a quick custom!

Sep 21, '18, 6:29 AM
And my understanding is that both of the Bigfoots made my Kenner were used to make Chewbacca Prototypes as well. So...historically accurate.