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May 17, '14, 1:19 PM
I am sure this question has been brought up. I picked up a lot of Wizard of Oz figs. In this lot I have a tin man with a broken leg, Dorothy and Glinda that are
loose and not posable witout a little help from a new re string.
Question one. How can you remove the tin mans suite of tin.
Question two. How do i restring the female bodies.
Thanks in advance,

May 17, '14, 2:08 PM
I am not aware of an effective method of removing Tin Man's armor without splitting open one of the glued-together sides. The one I originally had (back in the '70s) split naturally when the glue weakened, but a recent acquisition arrived with a broken leg, and I had to force a side-split to free him. Repairing the damage is going to require considerable bodywork... and I am not even a Tinsmith.

Another option might be to open the stitches at the tip of his leggings and perform a leg-swap "with his pants on", and then resew the leggings in situ, but it is almost easier to just purchase a whole new figure for all that trouble.

Sorry this probably does not help you much.

May 17, '14, 2:51 PM
I think I will just leave the tin man alone. He will pose nicely on a stand. In the mean time I will hunt another one down.

May 17, '14, 9:45 PM
When I fix mine, I am tempted to outfit him in a Super Knight "chainmail" outfit, and perhaps even jazz up his "tin" torso with some shiny highlights as well as rust marks... it will hide the body putty I will need to use during the repair process.

May 18, '14, 8:05 PM
That sounds pretty cool. When you finish post some pics.

May 19, '14, 10:41 AM
That sounds pretty cool. When you finish post some pics.

Well, of course. The first task related to this project is getting back my original Tin Man, which my Mother just found at her house! I thought it had been lost forever!

May 19, '14, 5:51 PM
That is so cool that your mom still has your old toys. I lost a lot of my stuff to the street and san.

May 30, '14, 9:22 PM
I am getting a tin man soon and was wondering what if anything is underneath the barrel when removed.

May 30, '14, 10:11 PM
It's just a full-body-suit.

Sep 21, '18, 2:52 PM
If you really want to preserve the armor intact...and its T1...remove the head and snip the cord. Slide the arms out of the sleeves and the body will pull right out of the armor. When repairs are done use about a 2 foot piece of cord to restring the body. Reasemble loosely. Dress the lower half of the figure and have the excess cord running thru the sleeves to the arm loops. Slide him back into his armor arms first. Tighten and re tie the elastic cord and reattach the head.