View Full Version : Meanie's Megomeet Tease...It's Meetacular!!!!

Blue Meanie
May 8, '14, 9:44 PM
There will be a few teases of what I will be bringing...First up is a non Mego tease but it will be sure to please the Marvelmania maniacs that will be attending. Still Sealed 3rd Eye Silver Surfer Blacklight Puzzle. IMHO these are rarer than the 3rd Eye posters:


Many more pics to come...keep your eyes on this post :terror:

Blue Meanie
May 8, '14, 10:02 PM
Oh yeah...and this guy will probably be making his last trip to the Meet:


Maybe he can get his picture taken with Chad's Shark.

Blue Meanie
May 8, '14, 10:22 PM
Sorry for the 'watermarked' pics but there have been a few times that I have seen my pics used in ebay auctions that weren't mine.

Here's a 80 - 90% in tact header card that still has the perforations:


Figure pictures to come...or group shots of figures in the display case that I will have on 1 of the 4 tables this year.

May 8, '14, 10:25 PM
That header card wants to come home with me.

May 9, '14, 1:55 AM
Don't turn around with me around the web handed Aquaman lol

May 9, '14, 6:40 AM
that's awesome Berto! I was telling Sean the other day a photo op would be cool. My shark is also having a reunion with his father for a photo op.

May 9, '14, 6:13 PM
Sorry for the 'watermarked' pics but there have been a few times that I have seen my pics used in ebay auctions that weren't mine.

Hey I put 2 kids through college selling web handed Aquamans. ;-)

Blue Meanie
May 26, '14, 10:53 PM
Lone Ranger seems to be the theme this year...so why not bring a Lone Ranger Super Softie:


A few more pics of what's going to be on the tables this year. BTW, all the Lone Ranger is missing is one gun. Looks as new as the day it was put on the toy shelf in the store.

Blue Meanie
May 26, '14, 11:03 PM
A few carded Megos:


The pic really doesn't do justice to how nice a card the Penguin has. But if you're there at the Meet next week you can see it in person. Who knows...you can own it too :grin:

Blue Meanie
May 26, '14, 11:21 PM
One last pic for the night...Spidey Super Savers. One still sealed with Super Saver Sticker and one loose with no plug:


Hopefully tomorrow night some of the figures in my cases that will be making the trip.

May 29, '14, 6:28 AM
Looking at all my sharks and boxes, they're minus an aquaman. If you have some, you may wish to bring stock.

May 29, '14, 8:15 AM
Great idea chad.

May 29, '14, 4:39 PM
Hey Berto... did you find anything from the list I PM'd ya?

Blue Meanie
Jun 1, '14, 7:57 PM
Little taste of loose figures for sale...and this is only about 40% of what I have for sale:


If I can get some more images up before the end of tomorrow night I will...but if not, you'll have to be at MegoMeet 10 to see what other stuff I have.

Got everyone's list and I am working on them as I write this. Thanks for everyone's lists in advance...hope I can make all the wishlists happen. See Ya at the Meet.

Blue Meanie
Jun 1, '14, 9:14 PM
Any interest in the 50th Anniversary Oz figures from Multi Toys:


There's a total of 7 figures. All MIB

Blue Meanie
Jun 1, '14, 11:05 PM
You want rarities...I give you a rarity...Type 2 Dracula with rare Plastic Snap Cape:


There are a few more rarities that I haven't posted that I will be bringing along....Gotta be there Megoheads. Mego Meet 10 will be pretty big this year. Are you going??!!??

Blue Meanie
Jun 2, '14, 8:09 PM
Probably the last pic because I need to get finished packing. Complete All Original Thor. Helmet has the pin missing. Wristbands are a little stretched...but the are the real deal. Bonus...He will come with an original box. Insert will be a repro:


Also want to give a heads up that I will be bringing a complete Wayne Foundation with a box that is a little bit beat up...but it still is the box for the foundation. Last pic...thanks for looking and hopefully you can make it to the show.

Jun 2, '14, 8:22 PM
Awesome pics Berto. See you soon.

Jun 3, '14, 7:56 AM
Now I have someone to blame for taking all my money!!!

The Sentry
Jun 5, '14, 12:23 AM
Oh Man! always bringing the VERY best in what classic Mego has to offer brother! I can't wait to see you & all the goodies you've got coming along!