View Full Version : How to post pics to my gallery ? my signature

Apr 14, '14, 6:14 PM
I keep getting error messages when trying to upload pics to my gallery

is there a way to use the image link like in the finished customs section?

please let me know

oh also need to switch my year 2 to year 3 - I can't seem where to find the right place to edit it - I have done it in the past
I must be having droid issues today or brain melt

Apr 15, '14, 6:33 AM

Apr 15, '14, 9:49 AM
Not sure where you are going wrong? I did it two ways in mine just now. Uplaoded to the user gallery and entered the URL and then also uploaded a pic directly. Both in the signature settings.

Mego Magyar
Apr 20, '14, 3:03 PM
To change "year two" to "year three" click on the "settings" at the top right of the forum then it should be the second box down "Optional Information" where you find Custom User Title:

Apr 25, '14, 12:42 PM
Thanks Guys :)