View Full Version : Does FTC have any plans to bring back CAH or Pocket Super Heroes?

Apr 13, '14, 10:03 AM
I think CAH in particular would sell well, has this issue come up or been addressed anywhere?

Brown Bear
Apr 13, '14, 2:26 PM
Never thought about it, but neat idea.

Apr 19, '14, 6:38 AM
I would be all over this.
I wouldnt hold my breath tho.
But then again we never thought we would have actual megos five years ago ether.

Earth 2 Chris
Apr 19, '14, 8:12 AM
I'd rather see ZICA do a proper retro DC 3.75" line!


Apr 19, '14, 8:40 AM
I'd rather ZICA pick up the Battlestar Galactica line!