View Full Version : FTC female body question

Apr 9, '14, 8:55 PM
Does anyone know if the new China made 8" female bodies are similar to the original Mego version meaning having a ball center abdomen? Not fused like the DM version.


Apr 10, '14, 12:52 AM
they do have the ball center ,like mego except that they have little stubles to help pose them better ,i bought some female bodies,their far better
then the india made bodies ,not as good as mego but the made in chinas are very good ,emce bodies are rather short ,when you put them side by side
with a mego or a ftc made in china and they just dont look right.

Apr 10, '14, 3:58 PM
Maybe the EMCE female bodies would be a good replacement for the body of the solid arm Wonder Girl figure. That is going to be a sticking point for me on the whole Teen Titans line, especially if all of the female figures are like that.


Apr 10, '14, 8:14 PM
Thanks for the heads up! That what I was hoping to hear! Time to get some female bodies. :)