View Full Version : Can FTC produce a repro Mego Batmobile?

Mar 11, '14, 4:46 PM
I was looking to grab a vintage one off eBay, but if FTC makes one I'd be more than happy with that!

Mar 11, '14, 4:57 PM
It may be a more "Hazy" license as I beleive George Barris owns the copyright on his batmobile design so he would have to be negotiated in addition to DC, Mattel has an agreement since they are producing diecast tv ones in verious sizes

If you get an ebay one that isn't complete (which most are missing something) Dr mego reproduced many of the parts see his store in the mego mall

Mar 12, '14, 6:23 PM
I would love to see a repro made. I foolishly sold mine a couple of years ago and have regretted it ever since.

EMCE Hammer
Mar 12, '14, 6:37 PM
Unless something has changed recently, the license doesn't include the Batmobile.

Mar 13, '14, 8:08 AM
They are pretty reasonable.
I snagged a loose complete one for 30.00
I just needed to adjust the bent axles alittle.

Mar 13, '14, 8:21 AM
Would much rather see an accurate version of the 66 Batmobile. If they could work that out it would be a HUGE seller.

Mar 19, '14, 2:36 PM
How many would they sell at 75 dollars? Just a guess-timate based on the 60 dollar price of the 20" mattel batmobile...

Mar 19, '14, 3:21 PM
Probably more like $100 or $125

Mar 20, '14, 10:08 PM
Hmmmmmmmmmmm, if they could somehow get the license rights for the Batmobile from Barris, why stop there? Why not get also the rights to the Munsters Koach and Dragula? Then they could make those cars in the 8 inch scale (1/9th) as the FTC Munsters figure line. That would be cool.

Ah, what a pipe dream...

Mar 20, '14, 11:00 PM
I don't think the Mego Batmobile conforms to the Barris version. They could not do a B66 Batmobile but they could do the Mego one.

Mar 20, '14, 11:07 PM
License for a Wayne Fondation... What and who would have to be involved. Anyone know???

Mar 20, '14, 11:08 PM
I thought they said they have no plans to do vehicles?

Mar 23, '14, 5:14 PM
I doubt they will do vehicles. I wish they would. I was happy when they finally did a Monster Castle playset. I was thrilled when the Enterprise playset was done. Which I guess was kinda sorta in the vehicle class.
I would just call a true Barris Batmobile out of practicality.
What would be close enough? I would love to see the Batmobile from the New Adventures of Batman and Robin. Great looking car, cool red bat graphic, and a simple sculpt.

URL used as the museum still growls when I try to post a pic.