View Full Version : Did anyone get the 8 inch Dukes?

Mar 7, '14, 8:32 PM
Hadn't noticed anyone talking about these. Did anyone here get the 8 inch figures yet?

Mar 7, '14, 8:44 PM
Are these available now?

Mar 7, '14, 8:51 PM
According to FTC's facebook page they were to start shipping last week. And they appear to be available on their website http://figurestoycompany.com/dukesofhazzard8inchactionfiguresseries1boduke-1-3.aspx But Entertainment Earth shows them as a pre-order still....

Mar 7, '14, 9:01 PM
Not a Dukes fan but the figures look good and they nailed the cards.

Mar 7, '14, 11:18 PM
I bought Rosco to add to my Mego Dukes. I like him a lot. He looks good with them.

I might buy all of wave 2 depending on how Daisy looks. I'm certainly in for Uncle Jesse and Cooter.

Mar 8, '14, 12:07 PM
I bought two sets of dukes ,Very nice ,i think the original sculpts mego did were better for Bo, Boss Hogg and Luke ,i think Luke
just didnt look like the actor .The clothes on the other hand were fantastic and very detailed,right down to the pockets .Rosco had a
very nice sculpt and perfect uniform-the best of the set .Boss Hogg and Roscos hat should have been made out of soft plastic so the
hats dont slide off ,they fit though and look sharp.the card is very nice and not glued down .i will be in for series 2,thats for sure.

Earth 2 Chris
Mar 8, '14, 10:07 PM
We need pics! As much as I loved them as a kid, I always felt the Bo sculpt was off, or maybe it was the paint work on it. The FTC one looks more accurate in the pics. Tempted by the Roscoe.


Mar 9, '14, 8:17 AM
yep got them and like them alot still got to get roscoe and boss

Mar 9, '14, 11:14 AM
I'll be getting a Roscoe. I prefer the Mego versions of the others.

Mar 9, '14, 3:51 PM
Like tllgn mentioned I noticed the bubble is not glued to the card back, which made getting Rosco's hat out very easy. He can easily be put back on the card. Nice job FTC.

I'm surprised at the amount of detail they had on his uniform with the tie tack and badge. Very nicely done.

filmation batman fan
Mar 10, '14, 12:41 AM
I got mine this weekend. I love them and they're great except for one problem. Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco's hats will not stay on the figures. For some reason, they don't fit too well. Otherwise, the Dukes figures are awesome!!

Earth 2 Chris
Mar 10, '14, 5:05 AM
^Did you try the old hair dryer method to soften them up? Not sure of the material, but it may work.

Someone post PICS!!!