View Full Version : Finally got and opened my Wave 1 and 2

Feb 26, '14, 7:48 PM
I know I'm late with this but I was waiting for some other items before I had BBTS ship my pile of loot

Man these are sweet. FTC knocked these out of the park. I have some minor nits to pick but overall... just like being a kid again.

First the good:

They can stand!!! And actually hold a leg pose, my biggest issue with Mattels' boddies, was the flopy-ness of the lower body, they could hold a seated pose for anything. FTC's though, Beautiful.

The packaging, GREAT way to do a shell on board and make it collector friendly, I wish all lines adopted this type of packaging, of course I'd have preffered boxes to cards, but I'm old

The outfits are bright, vibrant and have the mego feel. I can get robins cape to stand up like's it's vlowing in the wind, just like I can with my Mego one.

Now the nits:

Wires holding them in... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR hate hate hate them

Robins shoes should be softer, and these ones actually have a bit of a sole to them.

The arms a a bit loose on some of the figures, not all, if these had mattel's arms wit the FTC lower body... NIRVANA

All in all though, I LOVE THEM can not wait to get more and to see what else FTC can cook up

Marvel licsense??


Dare I dream of a Bat-Cave or Wayne Foundation???

Feb 27, '14, 12:41 AM
Welcome to the club ,they are awesome,thats for sure ,cant wait for series 3 and beyond ,nice to hear your loving them as much as i do,
now you gotta get the carry case ,the only one i bought was the one that shows the pictures of the figures of wave 1,2 and three of
wave 3 .the only other carry case ill get in the future -is batman 66,those figures are gonna be sweet.

Feb 27, '14, 12:17 PM
A great line. I have all the current ones and will be collecting all future lines. Good quality.