View Full Version : James Bond line?

Feb 21, '14, 11:27 PM
I would love a line based on James Bond. Sideshow did an amazing line years ago. Very realistic. Not sure how F T C`s style would mesh with realistic looking figures but would love to find out. Their head sculpture on Batman look great.

Think we will ever see a James Bond line by them or another company?

Feb 22, '14, 6:44 AM
Always at the top of my wish list. Probably the most deserving of any property that has never had 8 inch figures.

The Bat
Feb 22, '14, 9:14 AM
A Bond line would be incredible, I'd buy ALL of them!

Feb 22, '14, 7:41 PM
For me, I'm picky about my Bonds.

I've only ever liked Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, and Pierce Brosnan.

Roger Moore was too smug, George Lazenby was too stolid and Daniel Craig just doesn't do it for me.

Feb 22, '14, 7:52 PM
I'd be in. I'd love to have a Bond car to go with it though. I wonder if Barbie every had an appropriately customizable car? hehehe


Feb 22, '14, 7:57 PM
Just take your typical pink Barbie car, carefully disassemble it, spray paint it black, put it back together and you have a James Bond car.

Feb 23, '14, 10:53 AM
I'd be in for Connery & Lazenby Bonds, girls, & foes.

Feb 23, '14, 5:47 PM
With Sideshow wrapping up not that long ago, I think the Bond collecting community might be saturated as a whole; I don't know that a new line -- differentiated simply by being 8" -- would succeed right now, though it might depending on the mix of characters, clothing, etc. For example, Moore in a safari outfit or Connery in a conventional suit might appeal to hardcore collectors because Sideshow never covered those. On the other hand, for broad appeal, it would likely need to be tuxes. Personally I'd suggest any manufacturer wait a few more years until demand starting peaking again.

Gorn Captain
Feb 24, '14, 9:01 AM
It's amazing that will all these great characters, not too much has been done as far as toys are concerned.
I have 15 of the Sideshows, which are great.
They should have made a Goldfinger and a Blofeld (Pleasance)!

Feb 27, '14, 4:10 PM
^Absolutely--lacking those foes was a disappointment to me, too.

Feb 27, '14, 5:17 PM
Sideshow should have made more Bond GIRLS, too!

kingdom warrior
Feb 27, '14, 10:50 PM
The real question is how much is the licensing rights to Bond....and would the line be dead by the time they got to wave 2.
A Wave one could consist of Bond, Honey Rider, ***** Galore. Dr.No and Odd Job. if it survives Moore for wave 2. Craig, Bronson and Dalton for wave three. Lanzeby could be an online figure, since most people these days have no clue who he is....lol.

Feb 28, '14, 1:30 AM
I'm not sure that the company behind James Bond are particularly interested in action figures.

About 4 years ago, a line of 5.5" figures (same scale as Character Options' Doctor Who figures) was mooted. It was going to include figures from Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, then start on characters from the older movies.

But the company pulled the rights, stating that wasn't what they saw as suitable for the brand.

Feb 28, '14, 4:43 PM
Back in the late 90s, a company called Exclusive Premiere did a 7" Mego-like line of James Bond. They weren't great, but a lot of characters were made. The figures were divided up in threes: Bond, Dr. No and Honey Ryder from Dr. No, Bond, Elliott Carver and Wai Lin from Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond, Anya and Jaws from the Spy Who Loved Me, Bond, Goldfinger and Oddjob from Goldfinger, and Jill Masterson, P. Galore and Tracy Di Vincenzo from a group called The Bond Girls.

These were before Sideshow did their terrific job on the franchise.

About 25 years ago, just for fun, I sketched out a 3 3/4" line, with loads of characters from each film, and playsets to boot. The line was called "007" and included the Aston Martin DBV, Stomberg's undersea HQ, a Moonraker shuttle, and so on. If I can ever find the list, I'll post it.

I'd love to see a true Mego-style Bond line, but at a time when companies like BBP can't get to do all the major players from Battlestar Galactica, I don't see the Bond line happening any time soon, even if someone could pry the license from Danjaq.