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Feb 14, '14, 11:49 AM

Feb 14, '14, 12:28 PM
I'm looking forward to these much more than the Dressed to Kill figures. It will be nice to see what the next wave is!

Feb 14, '14, 5:42 PM
The likenesses are quite good. The Farrow is doing a great job on these.

Feb 14, '14, 6:13 PM
If they can get the hair on the production figures to be like this, I'm in.

Dark Shadow
Feb 14, '14, 10:47 PM
Here's a great little interview with The Farrow...


Feb 19, '14, 11:32 AM
I picked up the Dressed to Kill line this week. Anyone have any tips on fixing the hair??
If I can fix the hair on Gene and Ace, I'll post some pics.

Feb 20, '14, 10:52 AM
If they can get the hair on the production figures to be like this, I'm in.

I'm out.

Feb 20, '14, 11:25 AM
Figures Toy Company has the ALIVE figures up for sale as of today.


Feb 20, '14, 12:37 PM
They look as expected. I almost feel they're shooting themselves in the foot by showing the prototypes. The production figures don't compare.

Feb 20, '14, 1:30 PM
Thought I'd be in but not now.
Haven't bought any since wave 1 all due to the ridiculous hair.


Feb 20, '14, 9:28 PM
The 8 inch figures really look frumpy and bad.
To me, Gene's head looks like a factory defect. It's severely misshapen.
Peter looks good. I'll give 'em that, but I'm not temped at all to buy these.

Feb 20, '14, 9:31 PM
Also, Who is photographing FTC's work???
The posing is just awful. Seriously dudes. The packaging and promotional materials for this company are embarrassing.

Dark Shadow
Feb 20, '14, 11:12 PM
Well...the boots are awesome and that's about all I have to say about these figures...

Except of course...

Forget about the bad hair...what in the unholy H is up with the head sculpts??!! How did they go from the awesomeness we see in the opening photo of this thread to what we see in the production photos? Even the 12 inch versions look misshapen, not as bad as the 8 inch, but bad enough to keep me from handing over $279.00 + tax + shipping.

And while I'm at it:

Why oh why can't we just have available a full set of four 12" KISS figures that look somewhat remotely like the band? The closest we've gotten is 1/2 the band produced by RAH, and even with that set, Paul's hair was badly sculpted and his boots were out of scale not to mention an incorrect match for the outfit.

It's been 36 six years since the original Megos were released, and in all that time, not one complete set of decent looking 12 inch KISS figures? If The Farrow's fantastic art can't shine though actual production, I guess it's simply just not possible. It's time for me to resign this wish, let go and come to terms with the realization that this is just one itch that will never get scratched.


Feb 21, '14, 11:19 AM
Yah, I think I'm done with FTC. I'll buy parts from them when I need to. No more figures. Too much disappointment.

What I am going to do is complete my vintage KISS cards!!!!

Jun 24, '14, 12:59 AM
I curled Gene Simmons hair Permanently! I don't understand why they gave Gene straight hair so, I curled it with boiling hot water and presto! He has wavy nice hair that is just right and no, I did not hurt the paint and face in any shape. The only terrible figure with bad hair is Gene Simmon's 12 in Sonic Boom which I converted to Destroyer Gene. I have no idea why they allowed a blind person to cut his hair? It is the single most terrible haircut in figure history. Sigh