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Feb 13, '14, 8:05 PM
I know a lot of you my dear peeps saw this on facebook but it just didn't seem right not posting it here. Forgive me for the duplicity. But to be honest this is my most favorite micro review to date. :grin:

The full article here at the Toy Box:

Feb 13, '14, 9:00 PM
Very educational.......Keep'em coming. I'm a big Mego fan and really like the fact that FTC is bringing back these action figures.

Feb 14, '14, 12:32 PM
This new body is incredible!!!!

Feb 14, '14, 12:54 PM
Great review and I liked your site.

Feb 14, '14, 4:14 PM
Thank you :)

Feb 14, '14, 5:47 PM
Awesome comparison Jim! You truly do great reviews. :yes:

Iron Mego
Feb 14, '14, 6:15 PM
Another thing to note about swapping FTC for Type S is that the neck posts are too short on the FTC heads to fit completely into the Type S body. I mean they go in pretty easily, but they don't stay in.