View Full Version : 18-Inch Format... Why?

Feb 13, '14, 9:40 AM
I thought it was a typo when I read that. Who even wanted that scale... I can't imagine a huge demand for it. And they're probably going to be priced at $150 - $200 a pop which severely limits the number of people who can afford to collect them. Seriously. Why?

I'm worried that FTC is biting off more than it can chew. I don't know how well the 12-Inch format figures are selling for them (ie, KISS) but unless its big numbers the company should stick with the 8-inch format IMO. I just don't want to see them implode.

Feb 13, '14, 12:09 PM
So TBolt can make a Giant-man figure.

wayne foundation 07
Feb 13, '14, 12:15 PM
So TBolt can make a Giant-man figure.


Feb 13, '14, 7:03 PM
So TBolt can make a Giant-man figure.


Iron Mego
Feb 13, '14, 7:33 PM
I say go for it. I'm sure it will only be for big deal characters, like Batman and Superman, and there are plenty of people out there who would buy those.

Feb 13, '14, 7:55 PM
If it's a an "exact" Mego reproduction I would love Superman, Batman and Robin.

Feb 13, '14, 10:41 PM
I want The Fonz in this format but I know I'm alone on this. I know.

Feb 14, '14, 12:05 AM
So TBolt can make a Giant-man figure.

Maybe make a Galactus too.

Feb 14, '14, 12:14 AM
Maybe make a Galactus too.

Already been done. Brian did one years back. It is awesome. I never got past acquiring the head. Twice. Someday Ill find them and make a couple.

Feb 14, '14, 2:50 AM
I think 18" is even better than 12"! I want supersize DC and Batman TV Megos!

Feb 14, '14, 4:39 AM
Amazing Colossal Man, too.

Feb 17, '14, 11:56 AM
Well, if girls can have American Girl dolls, why can't boys have 18" action figures?

Feb 17, '14, 12:22 PM
Well, if girls can have American Girl dolls, why can't boys have 18" action figures?

do they make American Boys, too?

Feb 17, '14, 4:52 PM
Actually some companies do make 18 inch boy dolls, just not the American Girl company. And many people make their own boy dolls from used American Girl dolls and boy wigs. I have a custom made Our Generation boy doll, I got from Etsy last year.

do they make American Boys, too?

Feb 17, '14, 5:01 PM
just wondering, Mrs. TBolt has yet to run across any at the stores. In her sales, that format seems to be dying off and CPK and baby dolls are picking up steam.

Feb 17, '14, 6:35 PM
Target is starting to sell huge star wars figures. (might even be larger than 18?)
For me, this size is just too big. A bit over indulgent perhaps?

Gorn Captain
Feb 18, '14, 3:09 AM
I love the larger formats.
I'm steering away from smaller figures and starting to focus on getting just one (huge) figure from certain movies and series, to represent the whole franchise.
Like the 31" Darth Vader.

EMCE Hammer
Feb 18, '14, 9:25 AM
I told Anthony that a huge pair of Mego Batman and Robin standing guard over my collection would make me really happy. I think it would really add a nice touch to a display. On the other hand, I wouldn't be in for a bunch of characters. I could see the Superman crowd being represented, and then after that I would think it would be a hard sell to move factory minimums.

Feb 18, '14, 1:33 PM
I agree with Steve. I'd be in for at least a Robin. After that, I'm not so sure.

Earth 2 Chris
Feb 18, '14, 1:58 PM
I'd go for Batman and Robin if they were made well. I don't think this size can sustain a large number of figures. But NECA seems to be doing okay with it, so what do I know.


Feb 18, '14, 2:19 PM
That's a big figure. Mattel has made Superman and Batman figures of that size based on the films out of molded plastic. I've passed on them. But, I mego-like Superman would be terribly hard for me to pass up. Probably Batman and Robin, too. I'd love to have a Green Lantern and, well, if they made Flash, Aquaman and Wonder Woman, I'd probably get them as well. Yeah am a sucker, maybe even an addict.

Feb 18, '14, 5:06 PM
I love big toys, I'd probably buy a few Mego based ones. They would look great displayed with their smaller vintage counterparts. Hell, I like how the Mego 12" figures look next to the 8" ones, even though the designs were different.

Dark Shadow
Feb 18, '14, 11:45 PM
I'd buy 18" exact replicas of KISS, Spider-Man, Green Goblin & Joker. Anything else that size would have to be much more highly detailed than original mego-style for me to continue investing in that scale.

Feb 19, '14, 10:59 PM
I would buy Apache Chief, Giganta, and Colossal Boy in this scale for sure :smile:

Feb 20, '14, 12:17 PM
18" Elasti Girl for Doom Patrol!

Feb 20, '14, 1:44 PM
What would be really cool is to get an 18" version of Batman and pair him with a 12" version of Robin.

Feb 20, '14, 5:21 PM
What would be really cool is to get an 18" version of Batman and pair him with a 12" version of Robin.

That's a great idea! Although I've yet to lay hands on one. I think 12" Robin is one of the best looking figures Mego made.

Feb 20, '14, 5:42 PM
At 12 inches robin would either have to be a midget or about eight to ten years old.

Feb 22, '14, 12:10 PM
18" Elasti Girl for Doom Patrol!

I would love this, but they would have to make a half decent female body, no giant size repro the Mego one. I'm suspecting we're only getting a male body given how these thing work.

Mar 1, '14, 9:27 PM
The Tonner DC Stars MALE dolls are 17.5" tall and FEMALES 15.5" tall. So you can go by those. On Facebook FTC said it will make DC and Batman TV MALE and FEMALE 18" figures. Glad I did not buy NECA 18" Adam West Batman, I prefer CLOTH costumes! I would like to see DC BIG GUNS larger versions of original Mego DC and even UPDATED! Batman TV Batman, Robin, Batgirl ALL with REMOVEABLE masks and 4 main villians- Joker, Penguin, Riddler, and Catwoman! And I'd love 18" Lynda Carter and Christopher Reeve figures as you know who! I can see FTC 18" as a cheaper alternative to Sideshow and Hot Toys!

libby 1957dog
Mar 2, '14, 5:07 AM
THE NECA WEST batmans not too bad ,and for the price a impressive display piece ,how much does every one think the figures 18 inchers will retail at ,more than the $80 $90 the necas are ,anyway i agree with you on the cloth all the way bit ,the joints on my neca cried out for a suit to cover them ,so with some help from my sister, i cant sew for toffe lol , thats what i did ,i cant wait to see what figures have in store for us , it truely is a golden time to be a mego fan or even a super hero fan http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad83/chrisdodd1957/20140116_131859_zps1de52a2b.jpg http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad83/chrisdodd1957/20140116_132037_zps1b4f6dcd.jpg http://i924.photobucket.com/albums/ad83/chrisdodd1957/20140116_135222_zps7047ebef.jpg

Mar 2, '14, 10:10 AM
Nice mod on the Batman^!

The thing is, the Neca 18 inch Batman is a great looking toy, but not a great feeling toy. The joints are stiff, they seem to click and ratchet roughly rather than smoothly swivel. It feels like it's going to break, so it isn't a satisfying toy to "play with" and move. I would hope that an 18 inch Mego with cloth costume and smooth joints would scratch that tactile itch better than the Neca.

Mar 4, '14, 1:54 PM
What about Atom-Smasher?

Mar 4, '14, 2:02 PM
The suit on that Batman looks great. Nice idea!

Mar 11, '14, 11:46 AM
Conan,Kull,Solomon Kane in 12 or 18 and I am all over them. Price is a big factor on this for me other than on the three stated.
If a whole line of remegos at 100 or less are up for grabs I would buy most of them.Over 100 just a few,and they would be mostly in the batman family. I dont need more detail just scale up the mego gear. Just the thought of a Thor or Conan or Batgirl done this way makes my inner nerd hurt with joy. The bigger the better.