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Feb 4, '14, 1:42 PM
I can't wait for the new upcoming Nightwing figure to be released. Dick Grayson has always been my favorite comic book character. Just had a few questions: Will the costume be the 80s Disco one or the modern day version? Also, does anyone think the mask will be removable? I'm hoping for an older sculpt of Dick Grayson to put with my secret identities display.

Feb 4, '14, 3:13 PM
I also am very excited. I will take what they make and be happy, but I would rather it wasnt disco Nightwing. I I prefer the blue and black suit over the red and black New 52. I vote for a painted on mask and a HUSH like head!!! WOOOHOOOO!! I never thought I would see one produced that wasnt Custom.10281

Feb 4, '14, 4:03 PM
In all fairness, If FTC plans to do classic TT & then a wave of New Teen Titans, they should do 7" Robin for the former and "disco" Nightwing for the latter.

(Esp. since the later blue/black NW is a fairly easy custom.)

I'd like to see an Earth-2 Robin as well; it'd be a way to do another wave to include more foes.

Earth 2 Chris
Feb 4, '14, 4:07 PM
I want Disco Nightwing. I'd like to keep the line "pure", and keep it classic. If you let in the 90s stuff, the New 52 won't be far behind, and there is plenty of that stuff out there for folks who want it.


Feb 4, '14, 5:11 PM
PURE What? Pure Mego? Pure 70's? I've never understood the "pure" thing. I want pure super heroes from all genres. Sure there is plenty of the new 52 out there...but no Mego 52. Im just saying pure is not all its cracked up to be. Let there be Mego!!!!!

Earth 2 Chris
Feb 5, '14, 6:26 AM
Dude, that's just wrong.

"Pure" as in "classic" is what I meant. Had Mego stuck around for 2 years, and been smart enough to refreshen the WGSH line, we'd have gotten Nightwing. Heck, we could have got Cyborg, Starfire and Raven if Mego hadn't been off chasing every Sci-Fi movie coming down the pike.

I wouldn't mind more modern versions later, but I'd like to keep it to designs in and around the Mego timeline. Your mileage may vary.


Feb 5, '14, 6:57 AM
It sounds like there is a consensus that FTC should "pick up where Mego left off".

Instead of issuing yellow Sinestro or Kyle Rayner they should go back to 1983 and work forward.

Am I reading you right?

Feb 5, '14, 7:54 AM
Ummm, we all have our favorites, and each our own idea of What Would Mego Do. Many here will advocate Bronze Age characters and a continuity based upon what Mego might have chosen sensibly had they continued with WGSH waves.

Comparing toy choices to Nazi genocide is a grotesque non sequitur IMO.

Feb 5, '14, 9:33 AM
I agree That I took it to the extreme. I just get worked up when I hear the term "pure" to describe this toy line. It makes it sound like there is only one way to go and anyone suggesting anything else is just being radical. I know that is not what Chris had in mind when he made his comment. Im happy to see new Figures and I will collect what makes me happy, as will the " purists". Pure just seems to be a trigger word for me. I edited my original post to eliminate any issues.

Feb 5, '14, 9:45 AM
I never compared Toy choices to Nazi Genocide...I compared it to one man with his extreme opinion of Pure. I simply went to the far extreme of the word to express my opinion. Im sure I could have used other comparisons, this was one that popped into my head first with negative conotations. If I said pure as rocky mountain stream water...not the same effect.

Feb 5, '14, 9:56 AM
I just want him 8 inches, not the 7 inch like the original Teen Titan Megos. I believe the company is still sitting on the fence about that. If you have a preference, I would let them know right now. They're listening.

Feb 5, '14, 10:16 AM
Nightwing is a grown man, not a teen. He should be 8 inches. Robin is 8 inches, why go backwards and make him 7 inches? He wore the freakin cowl for a while for cryin out loud.

Earth 2 Chris
Feb 5, '14, 10:29 AM
I hope the NTT figures are 8". The Titans should have never been 7", at the age they were depicted.


Feb 8, '14, 6:39 AM
I agree Chris. When you stand them next to an 8 inch Mego, they look like little kids trick or treating. This could be FTC's historical opportunity to correct that oversight.

Feb 8, '14, 8:58 AM
I feel the same way--I'd like to see a classic 7" Robin to complement the original TT, but moving forward Nightwing & the New Teen Titans should be 8".

Feb 8, '14, 12:11 PM
I'd like to see 8" versions of Wonder Girl, and Kid Flash to go with 8" versions of Nightwing, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy or Changling. They should be

Feb 10, '14, 8:41 AM
I think Batman 66 is a good indication of how FTC can do more detailed work on their new figures and come up with new innovations like their glove hands. Would hate to see nightwing in oven mitts for example. Hopefully their Dark Knight Detective version of Batman also pushes the envelope to attract younger collectors in te same way. As much love and nostalgia the originals bring, attracting a new generation of collectors to 1/9th scale is pretty important to the future of the hobby.

I'm down with disco suit, but given how many Bat-variants we are already seeing, I'm thinking FTC can squeeze a bit more life out of a nightwing/dick Grayson sculpt with a modern nightwing suit as well

Feb 10, '14, 8:42 AM
I think a good compromise for the removable mask is a molded plastic one rather than elastic and cloth.

Feb 12, '14, 6:12 AM
I feel the same way--I'd like to see a classic 7" Robin to complement the original TT, but moving forward Nightwing & the New Teen Titans should be 8".

I absolutely agree! Finish the the original Nick Cardyesque Titans then start a new series--what they can do is do individual series--no one expects that Adam West series to follow the same rules as Greatest Heroes--but we do want World's Greatest to continue and too continue the meg look--this is a problem I have with Alfred--who I feel looks to severe to fit in properly...