View Full Version : Figures Toy Company/Wrestling Superstore Carrying Case Question

Jan 21, '14, 5:22 PM
Quick question for you, my fellow Megoheads... I'm tempted to pick up one of Figures Carrying Cases to store some customs, but I noticed the Wrestling Superstore has a similar case for about $10 cheaper than Figures basic Retro Figure Carrying Case. Are these the SAME cases with different artwork?

Also, anyone that has one of these carrying cases, how easy is it to remove the label on the front? Is it just glued on, covered in clear vinyl, etc.? And how good are these cases anyway?

Jan 21, '14, 5:55 PM
the descriptions all have the same measurements, so they must be the same cases.

Jan 21, '14, 5:57 PM
The cases are nice. Very sturdy construction, feel very substantial... almost like an instrument case. The artwork can be swapped out easily, and there is a little vinyl pocket you can put in whatever artwork you want (although the way you open the case, you may want to use some adhesive to keep it from slipping out of the pocket).

I have noticed the cases are cheaper on the wrestling site... and it certainly seems like the exact same case with different artwork... so that is annoying. But if you are ordering with other items, you have to look at shipping costs, etc. It may be cheaper to pay extra, if you know what I mean.

Jan 21, '14, 6:05 PM
wish they would sell a blank case. The art for all of these is pretty weak, like the card art.

Jan 22, '14, 11:03 AM
Thanks, folks! Good to know the constructions' sturdy, and that i can swap out the artwork. Depending on what else I order & S/H, might place an order this weekend. Thanks!