View Full Version : Entertainment Earth and Wave 2

Jan 8, '14, 10:08 PM
Does anyone know when Entertainment earth will be shipping out the new series 2 wave of the retro figures?

Jan 8, '14, 10:41 PM
I have them also for sale if they do not. $24.99 each plus exact shipping. So slightly cheaper as well. lol. Send me a message

Jan 8, '14, 10:58 PM
I have a pre-order with them just wondering if they got them yet or will be soon

Jan 10, '14, 7:12 PM
Oh, I havent heard. Sometimes EE is right on time with the releases, sometimes, not so much. Its hit and miss. Be patient, it will all payoff! I love these figs!

Jan 11, '14, 12:39 AM
These are hot off the truck as of today. Order away! I did. Free shipping when you order all four. :yes: