View Full Version : Any comments on the new female body?

Jan 7, '14, 7:07 PM
I'd really like to hear someone else's opinion before I shell out any money for one of these.

Waste of money and time? Better quality than their usual fare?

Or should I wait for Doc Mego to come out with his new body?

Jan 7, '14, 7:30 PM
i checked out catwomen ,and though the body is not as good as mego ,its far better then figures toys old
bodies,they added some little stubles around the legs and torso ,like they did with action jackson to help
it pose better,and it works ,the bodies are strung tight ,but they look good and dont break ,however
in rough hands it could break easy.i just ordered three from figures (their 2013)to fix Maya and a couple
others.down the road i would like to see the docs new bodies.

Jan 7, '14, 7:38 PM
The FTC Catwoman figure is awesome!!!

Jan 8, '14, 9:24 AM
Most interested in the shoulder mounts of the arms. Are they stretching out of shape like the male's?