View Full Version : Quick question about these very nice toys!

Jan 6, '14, 1:29 AM
Hi..if this question has already been answered, please direct me to that post. I am just curious how the Figures Toy Company is able to produce almost exact replicas of vintage megos? I get that they have the license to produce different lines of toys, but how are they able to legally copy head sculpts and costumes?? Is it because MEGO went belly up? Thanks!

Jan 6, '14, 4:01 AM
The headsculpts and costumes would be trademarks of DC since they own the characters and not Mego. Kind of like how Dark Horse can reprint Marvel Conan and (up until lately)Star Wars.

Jan 6, '14, 6:04 PM
With the generic figures CTVT did awhile back (Pirates, western heroes, mad monsters, etc) I dont believe there was a royalty cost of any kind other than the molds.

Didnt Marty Abrams try to get royalties? I thought I read that once.

Jan 9, '14, 6:53 PM
THANKS for the answers....very interesting! I had no idea about the old Conan comics. COOL.