View Full Version : CTVT Site sales?

Dec 27, '13, 8:50 PM
Hey Guys!
I have a rather large order I am about to place with the CTVT site and I notice at the checkout there is a field to enter a coupon code. Does anyone know how frequently, if ever, CTVT issues coupon codes, offers discounts on large purchases, or has sales?
Just curious if anyone knows. Thanks all, happy New Year!

wayne foundation 07
Dec 27, '13, 9:01 PM
Never seen a coupon code for them before, might be something new.

Mego Magyar
Dec 27, '13, 9:40 PM
I've never seen a code but the field has been there ever since I've been ordering.

Dec 27, '13, 10:16 PM
Thanks guys! I guess I'll wait for a couple weeks to place an order and see if any sales pop up.