View Full Version : FTC 18" DC figures?

Dec 20, '13, 9:18 PM
I recently read at plasticmemorial.blogspot.com an interview Scott Beatty did with Anthony Balasco who said FTC is developing an 18" body for DC figures to introduce if 8" DC are successsful!

I was hoping for 12" DC but I like 18" like NECA is doing.

What do you think?

Brown Bear
Dec 20, '13, 10:59 PM
Count me out. Too much moolah for me. I stick to my 8 inch.

Dec 20, '13, 11:06 PM
Makes sense... Hot toys has the 12" license don't they?

Although NECA has a 1/4 for 66

Red Hulk
Dec 21, '13, 8:56 AM
Not interested they'll be pricey and take up a bit of space as well.

EMCE Hammer
Dec 21, '13, 9:19 AM
I know they have toyed with this idea. I would be all-in for an 18" Mego-style Batman and Robin. I think the display possibilities are pretty awesome. I probably wouldn't stray beyond that if it were up to me though.

Dec 21, '13, 10:02 AM
^I think I agree with you--ultimately, I'd rather see increased 8" offerings.

Dec 21, '13, 10:10 AM
I would NOT want to collect an entire endless line of 18 inch figures. But, I could see picking up one or two iconic characters.

Dec 21, '13, 11:25 AM
Room is too tight for me. It's a great idea and I wish them success.