View Full Version : I challenge members on here to

Dec 15, '13, 10:26 AM
post one POSITIVE comment on here regarding the new FTC retro Megos

Find one thing and post it. Leave the negative comments out of this thread.

The cards for these are awesome! I love them. They hit it out of the park with the packaging in my opinion.

Dec 15, '13, 10:40 AM
That they are being made at all ... this is a huge positive for us all IMHO ...

But pushing the "don't post negatives" line a little. I just wish they were just THAT much better. 80% perfect is so much better than 0℅ but I see nothing wrong hoping for 85% - 95%.

- Marty

Dec 15, '13, 10:54 AM
I think the screening on the costumes is terrific!

Dec 15, '13, 11:43 AM
I love that they painted the mask on Robin flat while using a gloss paint on the hair. I really like the dark blue that was used on Batman. The Joker just looks AWESOME so close to the real thing you have to ask yourself is it live or Memorex :-) I think its GREAT that they are offering up Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson so early in the line giving those that cant shell out big bucks the opportunity to own these figures. From the pics Catwoman looks really close to the real deal (Thank You for not changing anything on her and keeping with the "exact replicas" format). All in all I LOVE that these figures are being made and I will continue to buy them as long as they keep making them.

Brown Bear
Dec 15, '13, 12:04 PM
I love everything about these guys! THESE are the way I remember mego's more than any other re-mego attempt thus far. WGSH are back!! I cannot wait to see my kids open series 1 under the tree this year. Once FTC releases Alfred and other "never before" released figures, this line is gonna take off, hopefully for a VERY long time!!

Dec 15, '13, 12:05 PM
I think I've posted a lot of positives in earlier posts already. Despite my grousing, I'm excited to get Evel Knevel. The outfit looks really nice. And I like the LOVE GUN and '73 KISS figures quite a bit. Again the outfits are really well crafted and I like the scaled down 12" Mego bodies and heads. I'm hoping one of our fine members gets a set of those DRESSED TO KILL figures and gives us a review, because I'm interested in those as well.

I give Figures credit for making rolling changes. I know you can't control it all, and I'm sure they get things back from the factory that are not what they expected. It happens to every company. So when the 1st series of KISS came back and the waist was loose and the outfit was staining the figure, they added notches to the torso and changed the way they do the outfits to minimize any staining. So kudos for making changes.

Dec 15, '13, 12:08 PM
^Alfred is a good choice IMO for fans and should do be great from FTC in terms of their production: Their new heads have been good, and Alfred's costume is basically a variation of Joker's--which they have done well.

Dec 15, '13, 12:18 PM
The only problem that I have is the look of the new Penguin.

I think the first four (Batman, Robin, Joker and Riddler) are great!
I don't play with my dolls, I stand them on a shelf as decoration so I haven't had any problems with breaking or anything.
I think they look fantastic, no issues at all.
I think the bodies are FAR better than the Retro KISS series that I bought and had to replace the bodies.

Dec 15, '13, 12:51 PM
I have series one coming for Christmas and series two will come out of my own pocket. No compliment speaks like the acceptance of the almighty dollar.

Dec 15, '13, 1:11 PM
Love my series 1 figs. Great colors - especially Bats and Joker. They have really made me excited to see what's next.

Dec 15, '13, 1:52 PM
The colors are nice and vibrant and I would have loved to have had the opportunity to collect them in the early '80s as a kid.

I only hope for the best from this and hope they can pull off MARVEL and other popular brands in the future.

If any grip its that I wish they were sold at Toys R' Us and Wal-Mart, kids would love them and see how boring modern toys have become.

Dec 15, '13, 2:22 PM
I love the fact that I have them at all. As mentioned before the colors are extremely bright and eyecatching.

The Bat
Dec 15, '13, 2:31 PM
Easy!:wink_y: Roto-cast heads and MINT condition costumes & accessories alone are worth it to me! FTC has my money!:yes:

Dec 15, '13, 3:23 PM
Every time I look at these figures I grin from ear to ear like an eight year old. That means they're doing their job.

Dec 15, '13, 3:25 PM
Glad for them all!! Can't wait to see more.

Dec 15, '13, 3:29 PM
I love the fact that after 40 years there's somebody willing to take a chance and reissue these Awsome figures.
It's like being six years old again ripping open my Christmas presents again.
This makes collecting toys fun again.

Dec 15, '13, 3:49 PM
Just bought Batman today to give my brother for Christmas.

Iron Mego
Dec 15, '13, 4:02 PM
My daughter and I enjoy playing with them. Don't get much better than that.

Dec 15, '13, 6:34 PM
FTC has constantly shown an attempt for exact replication of previous lines, so it reasons that their original DC figures will blend in near perfectly.

Dec 15, '13, 6:47 PM
With a promise to release never before made figures I am hooked and waiting patiently. Also, I am really enjoying the Series 1, great renditions of the originals.

Dec 15, '13, 7:01 PM
Love everything from Batman Series 1 and looking forward to Series 2 and Series 3 especially Alfred the butler! Also Teen Titans! Not to mention the TV Batman figures both 8" & 12". FTC is going to be getting my money for a while... Not thrilled about anything Mattel or Hasbro... The new action figures king is FTC...

Dec 15, '13, 8:11 PM
As a kid, I only had a few megos, but I remember ripping open Fonzie, Robin and Scotty one Christmas. I never thought that my son would get that experience, but here we are. He's going to have series one under the tree this year and I can't wait to see his face when he opens them. I think that's a positive.

Dec 16, '13, 9:52 PM
Number-one reason to be positive about what FTC is doing: They're making freaking Mego WGSH repros!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So thankful.

Dec 16, '13, 10:04 PM
I love them and felt 8 years old again when opening them!

Dec 16, '13, 11:33 PM
i think their fantastic ,looking at these little faces ,are like looking at old friends,that you spent many hours with in the back yard,i just about had them
all,i didnt have the sercet identities or fist fighters.cant wait to see the future waves of dc.now if they can just get Marvel.long live the 70s!!!

Dec 16, '13, 11:36 PM
Challenge accepted!!!

FTC...They got neat stuff...They make me feel like a kid again.

Dec 17, '13, 8:08 AM
I love them and felt 8 years old again when opening them!

Agreed. I have loved and supported everything they put out.

Dec 17, '13, 8:43 AM
These new figures are reigniting my passion for Mego 8 inch figures as a whole. Once again I want to Collect 'em all!

EMCE Hammer
Dec 17, '13, 8:58 AM
I think they look fine so far, but I am honestly more excited about future possibilities.

Dec 17, '13, 10:43 PM
One good thing: Thank you FTC/CTVT for all your reMegoing.:grin:

Dec 18, '13, 12:45 AM
I think the screening on the costumes is terrific!

YES!!!! FIRST thing that stood out for me too! The back lines are flawless! Look at those Joker deets! His vest is now more symmetrical, and he got more pin stripes then the original print. Love 'em!!!

Awww, and Joker's flawless head!! Just amazing!!!!!!!

Dec 18, '13, 5:04 AM
Batman 1966 figures. Nuff Said!!

Dec 18, '13, 9:32 AM
I love the artwork on the Teen Titans cards.

Dec 20, '13, 1:18 PM
Very nice. Bravo, Figure Toy Company!