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Dec 14, '13, 3:49 PM
" I remember when you had to walk 50 miles thru a swamp, in a snow storm just to get to a store where you could look at a Mego sized action figure of which they only had two on the shelf ..." read in a creaky older gentleman's voice.

It appears with all these reMegos we have two schools of thought that seem to be clashing.

1) The long timers that remember the lack of interest in 1/9 scale by the industry. How hard it was to locate figures or parts. Hand casting, etc. When someone makes a complaint about Evel's headsculpt or crappy Batman arms the response is always "Shadap kid. You don't know how good you have it." And to a certain extent these folks do have a point.

2) Then there are folks like me that are a bit late to the party and see the amazing Zica Buck Rogers or the DST/EMCE Phantom of the Opera and expect a bit more from the rest of the lines.

Are we spoiled? Yeah sure. But what is wrong with saying "company x got it right so why can't company y as well?" I mean those Mattel bodies were junk. No one's FTC Batman will have the original arms within a year.

So as we move forward with new, elastic less bodies, additional licenses and really, a bit of a 1/9 scale renaissance let's all agree that any nit picking about head sculpts and quality is tempered by the fact that we ALL believe that something is better than nothing. But there is also nothing wrong with hoping for that little bit extra ... like socks on the Phantom ;)



P.S. for the record I did indeed have to walk a mile and a half in snow storms to get to the bus stop to catch a ride to school. And back then the "Internet" was brought to you by Funk & Wagnalls ... Encyclopaedia Britannica if you we rich ;) but we did have WGSH at the mall so all was good.

Dec 14, '13, 5:34 PM
with all the issues that CTVT has had with bodies, you'd think they would try to develop a rubberbandless body too. Mattel half way did it, not sure why they didn't go the distance and stopped at the waist.

Dec 14, '13, 6:00 PM
I'd say everyone is entitled to buy what they like... I like the FTC Batman Series Figures and I'll buy these. I'll buy them all and no one would influence me in not doing so.

Yes, I'm willing to replace the bodies (when necessary) by an EMCE Type 2 (Non-swivel biceps) body or simply repair these (re-string) when possible. I am really looking forward to the new ZICA/Castaway Type "Z" body which I expect to be the ultimate Type 2 (rubber bands free) Mego repro body. Even by adding an extra $10 to switch to one of these bodies I'll still get a minty mint figure I can reseal in a clamshell like from Factory for $35. I would not find a minty mint Mego for that much. So I'm a happy camper.

For those seeking fully poseable figures with cloth costumes (Mego style) that are free of defects you can start looking at Sideshow, Hot Toys and Enterbay figures... And be willing to pay the price (+$180)...

Dec 14, '13, 6:13 PM
I remember when I walked to school a mile everyday and spent my lunch money on that one trip to the mall once a month. (Which is a true story) ;)

Its partly because theres no standard between companies who are trying their best to capture "the look and feel" of childhood toys of a by-gone era.

I wonder how much real control FTC and the others really have control over their products being made so far away. I'm just glad parts are interchangable the way they are. With Mattels you couldnt even do that unless you were good OR willing to destroy a figure or two experimenting.

All these options make it more fun.

Dec 15, '13, 10:09 AM
It would appear from most of the comments in the recent thread discussing the FTC Batman series 2 that we can't just all get along.

Penguin is missing white hands and we STILL get "Shadap kid and be happy with what you get" so much so that some even felt the need to f-bomb.

Oh well ...