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Dec 10, '13, 7:50 PM
Fellow MEGO lovers,

As a boy in the 1970s, the only MEGO play sets we ever came across in the stores were the USS Enterprise Bridge/Carrying case, and some of the Planet of the Ape play sets.

I'd be curious to hear from anyone out there who (as a child) got their hands on the Hall of Justice, the Batcave, and the Wayne Penthouse.
Do you recall -

Were they well made?
Did you have fun with them?
Were they durable?


Dec 10, '13, 8:24 PM
Had some then have quite a few more now... The Wayne foundation's "foundation" is very sturdy very well made in my opinion the furniture on the other hand well it was made out of plastic and well kids and plastic... You can guess the rest. The bat cave/ Ape Village/ action Jackson lost continent were made from cardboard and plastic so once again how rough you were. But all in all they were good products.

Dec 12, '13, 8:37 PM
I only had the Batcave and Emerald City as a child--I liked them & they held up well, but I wasn't usually hard on my toys.

Dec 12, '13, 9:14 PM
As a child I got a hall of justice with a super girl in it and an enterprise . My brother had a tree house. Saw the bat cave but don't recall having it. I have the Wayne foundation , enterprise, hall of justice , Wayne foundation , tree house , fortress and emerald city . They are all pretty durable.

Dec 12, '13, 9:16 PM
Had a batcave and an Enterprise.

Dec 12, '13, 10:28 PM
These are great questions but I bet you'd get more responses if you put this thread over in the Mego Fact forum, just a suggestion