View Full Version : CTVT Black cowboy hat--curled brim?

Dec 6, '13, 4:38 PM
CTVT is offering a newer black/purple/brown cowboy hat with curled brim. The item # says Earp, but it looks a lot like a SI Clark Kent hat.

I need a black western hat to fit Mego Scotty--has anyone here purchased this hat?

Dec 10, '13, 10:31 PM
I'm no "Batman" expert, but I've done a ton of research (one google search) on this subject.:smiley1:

As far as I can tell it's CTVT's repro of the 'Wild Bill Hickok' hat. I've heard it was a popular alternative for a custom SI Kent hat, until DrMego started offering an repro of the original Mego accessory. Why CTVT calls this an 'Earp' hat instead of 'Hickok' hat is beyond me.
There are similarities to both, that have me wondering if these two different styles of hats, have the same origin.
As for how this item would look on a 'Scotty' head, I have nothing. No 'Scotty' head, No CTVT 'Earp' hat.:sad:

Dec 16, '13, 2:47 PM
Hmmm. The Hickock hat is small--it will not fit many Trek or WGSH heads... (I have an original.)

Dec 16, '13, 8:02 PM
Hmmm. The Hickock hat is small--it will not fit many Trek or WGSH heads... (I have an original.)Thank you! I have no idea how hats and heads fit together.
I have many questions concerning this subject and have determined that only purchasing and test-fitting would really answer my questions.
The chance at a custom thread caught my interest. I was hoping for photo reference.
With no pieces to compare, I probably should have kept my mouth shut for a while longer.:smiley1:

Dec 16, '13, 11:36 PM
The Hickock hat only fits his weird headsculpt--it is too small to stay on a Superman or Scotty head.

The SI Kent hat, while not an actual fedora, is shaped differently & sized larger.

The CTVT hat to me does not look exactly like a vintage Hickock or Earp hat, so I was confused.

The Earp mold was used as well for the Palitoy Zorro hat, but molded in rubber not plastic.