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Nov 30, '13, 9:59 PM
Currently available at CTVT is a loose set of Frank, Drac, Wolf and Mummy from their 2012 release for $30 before shipping. $7.50 each attracted me way over $14.99 on card and fleshed out the shipping cost of my last order.:yes:
Wow! I expected extensive repair work. These 2012 bodies are a great improvement over the India production. This is most evident in the arms and legs. Nevertheless, they are not without their problems.
Aside from needing the 'MM standard tutorial restringing', Frank and Wolf both needed new torsos due to the old 'shoulder hole too big on the torso' problem. I switched them out for India productions. The 2012 torsos have a smooth pelvic plug, that needs masking-tape to hold a pose. (CTVT's teen male body has the same problem.) Adding the India produced torso/pelvis eliminates the need for masking tape.
Frank's head needed some clean up work around his neck-plug, but that could be a problem with my casting and not the CTVT mold.
Over-all, I am so happy with this purchase, and the skills available here to make these dolls, so much better.:grin: These guys, are ready for years of play.:yeah:

Nov 30, '13, 11:16 PM
I've been thinking about picking a set up too. Thanks for the rundown.

Dec 1, '13, 12:56 AM
Can't argue about the price that's for sure.
I like the universal monsters emce did way better but I did pick up a loose set of knights and western heroes.
I would have been better off getting the complete set of knights,westerns and pirates for $109 though.
Now I'm working on picking up some kiss stuff.
Great figures you got and nice poses.

Dec 1, '13, 2:37 PM
I agree that the EMCE Universal Monsters are in a league of their own.
As a kid I only had one of the original Mego Mad Monsters , the Human Wolfman. I had never seen such a hidious werewolf, and had to have him.:heart: Wishing some day I would get the other three. Never happen. Worse, shortly after getting the Wolfman, and visiting at a friend's house. I laid him too close to the hampster cage and he lost two fingers on his right hand.:yeah:
For the small cost and little effort, I'm extremely pleased with this repro set.:yes:
I'm going to put Blackbeard boots on my Wolfman.:wink_y:

Dec 1, '13, 2:58 PM
Hey thanks for the info ,i bought a set last year ,but kept them packaged ,so i ordered this loose set for display .

The Bat
Dec 2, '13, 4:46 PM
How are the costumes? Their first run on Dracula the costume was "super tight" and even cause the silkscreen colors to crack.:sad:

Dec 2, '13, 4:52 PM
Judging by pix, I'd say the costumes have improved somewhat. The cut of Drac's cape is still off, but his suit looks better. The tights seem to fit better.

Dec 2, '13, 7:43 PM
How are the costumes? Their first run on Dracula the costume was "super tight" and even cause the silkscreen colors to crack.:sad:The bodysuits are a snug fit. Drac's has the added problem of the arm-pit area sewn too low. Perhaps an experienced seamstress could fix it. Silk-screening is holding up well.
Wolf's grey stretch-pants are really snug fit. Mummy bodysuit is great fit (although it took me a second try to get the added wrap on correctly). Frank's pant legs are so tight that they don't fit over the top of his work boots.

Dec 2, '13, 10:27 PM
I know I'll pick up a set sooner or later.
Wolfman and Mummy are just to awesome not to.

Dec 9, '13, 2:25 PM
I have an original Wolfman and Franky and thought about getting the CTVT Drac and Mummy. I would rather have all four loose for 30 than two carded. I can't find the 4 loose deal on the website though. I looked on CTTV and the Figures site. If someone could direct me I'd appreciate it. I did find on the CTVT site a deal for the playset and the four loose for 79.99. Without the figures it's 69.99. Seems like a good deal if you're wanting to go all in. Here's the link for that deal:


Can anyone give a brief review of that playset. I'd appreciate that too. Thanks

Dec 9, '13, 2:31 PM
Ok I'm an idiot. I found the 4 loose deal on the website. I still hope someone can review that playset. Thanks

Dec 9, '13, 4:47 PM
Here's the four for $30 link