View Full Version : Whats next from CTV?

Nov 29, '13, 10:33 AM
Ok I am starting to get triple fever. What is on the way next and when? I am on hold with the kiss figures until i can get a 12" ace and peter. Doubles on all of batman wave 1, and now triples of batman. :-)

Nov 30, '13, 2:15 AM
Looks like Evel Knievel is shipping in December!

Starroid Raiders Dagon
Nov 30, '13, 3:42 AM
I don't know how I am going to resist purchasing these figures. The 30.00 price tag is really holding me back, but man, do they look cool.

Nov 30, '13, 5:45 AM
I hope we start to see more on the 66 line.