View Full Version : retail stores?

Nov 25, '13, 6:34 PM
Sorry if this has been asked but are there any retail stores going to carry these figures? I already ordered online but i would love to run across them in the wild like i did the dc retro figures at my local toys r us.

Nov 25, '13, 9:22 PM
i thought i read they might be carried at hot topic but i'm not sure

Nov 25, '13, 9:56 PM
I asked but never got a response

Nov 25, '13, 10:31 PM
Amok time....Long Island. They have them in stock. I'm thinking of driving out there sometime this Friday.

Nov 25, '13, 10:33 PM
I asked them along the lines of Toys r Us, Target, K mart, Wal mart etc...