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Feb 25, '08, 5:08 PM
This may have been talked about already but has anyone else found the new EMCE/Diamond Star Trek belts a little anoying in that the phaser does will not stay in place like the old ones. The opening is too big to hold the phaser tight. I would imagine this is the reason they use elastic to hold the phaser in place for shipping.

I was hoping this was a problem on the first Captain Kirk fig only but so far they have all had this issue.


The Bat
Feb 25, '08, 5:58 PM
Yes...I too, HATE the Belts! But I love EMCE & Doc Mego for what They've accomplished...so I'll live with them for now, until I can hunt down some loose Originals...and replace Them.

Feb 25, '08, 6:31 PM
I think Doc still sells those on his site, no?

Dave Mc
Feb 25, '08, 6:54 PM
Well, it's not really the belts fault totally. The inside of the belt loop is just slightly bigger, very slightly. The real issue is the phaser handle. The Emce phaser handle is a bit more narrow than the original, which makes it fall out of the loop. Combine this with the just slightly larger inside hole of the belt loop, and you have this minor issue.

Feb 26, '08, 2:48 PM
This is what I'm curious about... why are the phasers facing backwards?

I thought it might have just been a mistake with the Kirk and Klingon, but it appears like that is not the case.

Any ideas?

Feb 28, '08, 9:15 PM
"No, I do not have a receipt. I won it as a prize at the Star Trek convention, although I find their choice of prize highly illogical as the average trekker has no use for a medium size belt. ":smile:

Feb 28, '08, 10:54 PM
Just think of them as the new improved "Quick Draw" weapons belt, designed with the discriminating outerspace gunfighter in mind.