View Full Version : Are 12" DC figures possible?

Oct 9, '13, 1:25 PM
I emailed FTC and asked if there is any chance of 12" DC Comics figures to which FTC replied "no 12" right now."

I then asked if 12" figures are included in FTC DC license and may come later and FTC replied "posssible just not right now."

If FTC DC license includes 12" why aren't 12" being released right away with DC 12" like Dukes and Evel and like FTC will likely do with Batman TV and Gilligan?

I want Mego 12" DC reissued like Superman Movie and Wonder Woman TV and Magnetic Batman and Robin! NEW, too!

Is Sideshow 12" DC license stopping this?

EMCE Hammer, any news?

EMCE Hammer
Oct 9, '13, 1:39 PM
Simple answer is their plate is full with 8" right now. I think it's smart on their part to not have a 12" hero line on the market competing directly with their 8" stuff. One thing at a time, the last thing they need to do is spread themselves too thin. If things go well, maybe they'll be done down the road. I'm holding out for a 24" Batman and Robin.

Oct 9, '13, 1:48 PM
So, is 12" included in FTC DC license and they can make 12" whenever FTC wants to, but focusing on 8"now? I want both!

EMCE Hammer
Oct 9, '13, 2:10 PM
The impression I have is that they considered making them in 12" the same way they did KISS, and ultimately decided to hold off. They only thing they have told me specifically that they CAN'T make is the Batmobile.

The other thing to consider is the competition for the 1/6th scale super hero dollar. They're the only game in town right now on the 8" hero stuff. That's not to discount the offerings by EMCE/BBP/Cast-A-Way/Zica. But trying to compete between multiple versions of a Superman from multiple companies at a higher price point is more daunting. I'll be buying Figures stuff *and* BBP stuff for example. I'd be forced to choose at the larger scale.

Oct 9, '13, 2:27 PM
Thanks, EMCE Hammer! I will buy FTC 1/6 Batman TV over Hot Toys, FTC should at least be half the cost! Same reason I would buy FTC 1/6 DC over Sideshow which iss too expensive!