View Full Version : Teen Titans Wave 2 - Polls are open!

EMCE Hammer
Oct 2, '13, 9:26 AM
In addition to Robin in 7" size, there are three slots open in Wave 2. Figures Toy Company has asked for input to help them select the other three characters who will be included in Wave 2.

Oct 2, '13, 11:31 AM
As cool as an '80s "New Teen Titans" set of figures would be, I have to stay true to the Mego era and go with Hawk and Dove. However, I did choose Nightwing as my third choice because that original Perez costume was awesome and it would cool to see how it translates to a Mego-style figure.

If a Betty Kane Bat-Girl or a Mal Duncan Guardian were on the list, I would have chosen one of them over Nightwing to keep with the Silver Age theme. Although era-correct, Golden Eagle and Bumblebee are just a little too obscure for me.

Captain Awesome
Oct 2, '13, 4:37 PM
Mal Duncan Guardian would be awesome

Oct 2, '13, 4:50 PM
Beast Boy and Hawk and Dove. I will pass on any modern/80's stuff.

Oct 2, '13, 5:58 PM
Robin, Starfire, Beastboy, Raven and Cyborg

Oct 2, '13, 7:15 PM
Woo-hoo! Lookit the love for Beast Boy! Of course, some of us are considering the Doom Patrol as well...

I really think a proper wave is '70s characters, just my opinion.

Brown Bear
Oct 2, '13, 7:17 PM
Cyborg would be a cool Super Friends fig for my Hall of Justice.

Oct 2, '13, 7:28 PM
Looking at these results says make Robin Wave 1.5 and have Wave 2 between Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven.

Then - onto Trigon. Or the Brotherhood.

Oct 2, '13, 7:33 PM
I stayed with my original list, Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven.
The Teen Titans that I remember reading was the New Teen Titans that started in 1980, and Mego was still around, technically.
In the first issue it shows Kid Flash and Wonder Girl are still a part of the team, so IMO they go perfectly with Wave 1!


Oct 3, '13, 10:59 AM
The 80's Titans are the ones I was first introduced to so I'm interested largely with those. I also own every season of the Titan's cartoon.

Oct 3, '13, 4:17 PM
Raven, Starfire and Nightwing are my choices.

And if they do a Wave 3, I want Jericho. He was a great character.

Oct 3, '13, 4:21 PM
I chose Beast Boy and Hawk & Dove. Would love to see all of them made eventually tho!

Oct 3, '13, 4:45 PM
who was wave 1?

Oct 3, '13, 4:47 PM
^ The classic Mego line-up: Speedy, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, & Aqualad.

Oct 3, '13, 4:49 PM
ha.. yeah it just dawned on me

Oct 3, '13, 6:22 PM
Are all of the figures in Wave 2 going to be 7-inches? Because Cyborg and Nightwing would look ridiculous in that scale.

Oct 3, '13, 11:02 PM
For me, I'd go with these

Wave 2: 7" Robin, Beast Boy, 8" StarFire, 8" Cyborg

Wave 3: 8" Nightwing, 8" Raven, 8" Wonder Girl, 8" Kid Flash

Wave 4: Deathstroke, Terra, Jerico, 8" SPeedy

Wave 5: Hawk, Dove, Brother Blood, 12" Trigon

Wave 6: Batgirl, Mal, Bumble Bee, Golden Eagle

Oct 6, '13, 9:19 PM
Are all of the figures in Wave 2 going to be 7-inches? Because Cyborg and Nightwing would look ridiculous in that scale.

Yeah I was jsut thinking I wish I could change my vote. As Nightwing is the grown up Dick Grayson, he is better suited to an 8 inch figure. Same with Starfire, cyborg and Raven. Changeling was the youngest of the New Titans so 7 inches is good for him.

Oct 7, '13, 9:19 AM
I agree: I went with Raven, Starfire and Cyborg, but these really do need to be 8" figures

For 7" I'd want Changeling/Beast Boy, Terra and Dove from that list

Oct 8, '13, 12:16 AM
Wonder Girl in her original costume would be cool too

Oct 16, '13, 5:48 PM
they should do a version of Super boy

Oct 17, '13, 9:42 PM
Beast Boy and Hawk and Dove.


Modern Titans (Characters) should be released as a separate line

Oct 18, '13, 5:39 PM
I was thinking Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast boy but if they do Starfire they would have probably done her costume like the one in the video because it was a kids toy

Action Martin
Oct 27, '13, 10:19 AM
I voted for Nightwing, Starfire, and Cyborg. I was hoping that a comic or packaging accurate Speedy would have been a choice.

Type Two
Dec 12, '13, 2:41 AM
No LOVE for the DOVE????

Whatevs...he's off smashing evil and doesn't need your boojy airs.


Dec 18, '13, 11:44 AM
May I just say one thing? I like that there may be a second wave of TT but please, FTC, let that be it. Reason I say this, I think the majority of WGSH fans would be more inclined to purchase the standard figures than the "teen" ones.

Think about it. Now that you have the full run of DC characters at your disposal, most of your energy and resources should be devoted to the standard 8-inch WGSH in my opinion.

And if you do acquire the Marvel license, well then holy ****, I guess Ima have to go into bank robbery, 'cause Ima have to buy every single one of 'em.

Apr 15, '14, 8:28 PM
I just went with what I thought would be the coolest figures to have.

Jul 23, '14, 6:36 PM
Just the 7" Robin figure will do for me, then I'm on to other things.

Jul 28, '14, 6:40 PM
Nightwing, Cyborg, and Raven.

Mego Milk
Aug 6, '14, 9:43 PM

Action Martin
Aug 23, '14, 11:22 AM
Looks like Starfire, Changeling, and Cyborg are the top vote getters. Are these the ones that FTC will be making? Will they be teen size or 8" (since these Titans were a bit older than the originals)?

Action Martin
Oct 19, '14, 10:32 AM
Any word on these or the 7" Robin?

Toy Timelord
Feb 20, '15, 2:21 AM
The NTT. Beast Boy, Starfire, and Nightwing.

The 70s Titans (aside from the Fab Five) were awful. The NTT are awesome.

Toy Timelord
Feb 20, '15, 2:22 AM
they should do a version of Super boy

Hopefully FTC will do some Legion figures.

May 13, '19, 9:23 PM
Now that we got both a new 7" and 8" Robin (same head sculpt to boot! :silly: ), I hope FTC will eventually try their hand at 8 Inch version of the 7" original Teen Titan figures. The updated 8" Robin makes me think these could turn out really well.

May 13, '19, 11:12 PM
How about the live action Titans characters from the current series? Those could be cool!

May 14, '19, 11:18 AM
How about the live action Titans characters from the current series? Those could be cool!

Somebody please listen to Lonnie!!!!