View Full Version : World's Greatest Presidents Talking Figure - NOT Mego

Sep 23, '13, 1:49 PM
Interesting that they have done this as a Non-Mego format, while retaining the "World's Greatest" style branding. Although I guess once they have tooled up a body with a suit, then it can be used on all the other presidents if this line continues.



Captain Awesome
Sep 23, '13, 4:42 PM
If the line continues? I'm not even sure who thought this was a good idea in the first place...

Sep 23, '13, 6:03 PM
I'd like a President Nixon, Ford, Carter & Reagan made. Not being political here, but because they were the Presidents during the Mego years and I think it would be fun to have them made.

Sep 23, '13, 6:48 PM
The only way I would support this is if the did them in ReMego, otherwise I do not see the point. Now saying that I want a FDR to fit in with the JSA.

Sep 24, '13, 12:46 AM
more money than sense I think

Sep 24, '13, 4:39 AM
yeah, don't get the non-mego aspect of this, especially with a figure that is 8 inches. a line of Mego presidents would go over well, something that the guys making the Presidential Monsters don't want to try.

Sep 24, '13, 6:47 AM
Saving my money due to increased insurance premiums. Hey, oh!