View Full Version : batgirl 1966 now a possibility

libby 1957dog
Sep 15, '13, 7:01 AM
i guess this is the news some of you guys were wanting http://www.66batman.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1774 :smile:

Sep 15, '13, 7:49 AM
Thanks for posting that! I've been hoping that they'd come to an agreement so that a proper Batgirl figure would be made.

Earth 2 Chris
Sep 15, '13, 8:18 AM
That is great news. I hope Mattel keeps their line alive long enough to make one as well.


Sep 15, '13, 8:32 AM
Great news for 66 bm fans!

Sep 15, '13, 8:44 AM
That's epic news, Yvonne was the biggest draw for me.

Sep 15, '13, 10:22 AM
Man, that took way longer than I expected.

I understand her desire to hold out as she's synonymous with the character, but good lord, this is truly a case of nor or never.

Sep 15, '13, 1:42 PM
I only want the FTC 66 Batgirl. I cannot find the Mattel 66 Batman figures where I am at. I would like a FTC version of Babs and Batgirl now.

Sep 15, '13, 3:12 PM
Glad to see common sense won and she caved. Some money is better than no money. Of course whether or not she signed in time for any meaningful figures to be made remains to be seen. Based on what Mattel said, she likely won't be in their offering. And with FTC, we'll have to see whether their wrestling license problem bites into the '66 line as well.

Sep 15, '13, 5:16 PM
Great news! I would buy a '66 Batgirl 8" figure in a heartbeat.

Sep 15, '13, 5:25 PM
Me too! I'd also buy a Barbara Gordon in 8". After all, what's the use of a superhero figure, if there's no secret identity to go with it?

And if the body turns out to be utter uh.....what word can I use that won't get me booted?

Okay, I'll use the word 'garbage'; is that safe enough?

If the body turns out to be utter garbage, hopefully the head will be compatible with one of Doc Mego's new bodies that's supposed to be coming out next month.

Sep 15, '13, 8:35 PM
This is really great news. Hope she makes it out as an FTC figure.

Sep 15, '13, 11:15 PM
Coolness, it's just not the same without Batgirl.

Sep 16, '13, 10:49 AM
Yay! :baby02:

Sep 18, '13, 6:33 AM
Sounds great. Don't forget the motorcycle!

Sep 18, '13, 8:18 AM
I'd LOVE a 66 Batgirl motorcycle in that scale!

But wouldn't it be expensive? We're not talking about a Barbie motorcycle here.

Sep 19, '13, 7:01 AM
I'd LOVE a 66 Batgirl motorcycle in that scale!

But wouldn't it be expensive? We're not talking about a Barbie motorcycle here.

Maybe $100? I'm basing that on nothing. It would definitely be cheapr than a Hot Toys version. Their $650+ price tag on the Keaton Batmobile dropped me into a vat of chemicals.

Sep 19, '13, 2:02 PM
Great news.Now i need to get the remaining current Batman 66 figures to catch up.