View Full Version : Made my first Buy - Very Happy

Aug 31, '13, 10:59 AM
Picked up the Magnetic Bats from Luey. The Mall was user friendly and it was an easy transaction.
Luey threw in some surprises and some MM cards as well! He is the best Vintage Toy Picker from Knoxville I know!!

eBay is great, but this is so much more personal. I got extras and cards and it was all good!

Support the Mall!

Aug 31, '13, 11:25 AM
Awesome, can't wait to make my first buy but I have to catch my breath as I gone a bit crazy lately.

Aug 31, '13, 1:13 PM
Yay! That's great news, thanks for letting us know, Vin.

Oct 15, '13, 4:35 PM
I just purchased an item from MegoScott through the mall, great item and very easy, and smooth, deal, great!

Nov 28, '13, 9:22 PM
It's good to know that Vin. Lets all support the Mall!!

Nov 28, '13, 10:12 PM
I really dig that it helps support the Mego Museum, and since we are such a tight community, it makes sense to bypass the insanity of ebay.