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Aug 23, '13, 3:23 PM
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Earth 2 Chris
Aug 23, '13, 4:03 PM
Those look nice, and Bo and Luke are more accurate sculpts than the Mego versions. But Mego's Boss Hogg captured Sorell Brooke better, me thinks.


Aug 23, '13, 5:47 PM
I think the Bo version is good. Luke isn't him. Roscoe is dead on and I love the Mego Boss version. I'd like to see Boss without the hat.

Aug 23, '13, 5:56 PM
I can't wait to see what Daisy looks like when she's produced.

Aug 23, '13, 7:38 PM
The clothes look amazing!

Aug 23, '13, 8:06 PM
so these all look the same in both 8" and 12" scale?

Brown Bear
Aug 23, '13, 8:31 PM
These look amazing!! And a 12" fat body - how cool is that?

filmation batman fan
Aug 23, '13, 9:10 PM
I can't wait to buy these. They all look good. I think it's great that Bo has the blue T shirt and Luke has the denim jacket. I always liked the first season looks. Bo, Luke. Boss Hogg, and Rosco all look fantastic and I can't wait to buy all of them, both the 8 inch and 12 inch figures. Now if Figures ever decides to do vehicles, I hope they at least make the General Lee for the 8 inch figures.

Aug 23, '13, 9:18 PM
very nice

Aug 23, '13, 9:24 PM
VERY impressive. FTC should be commended for doing such great work. Well done guys!

Aug 23, '13, 11:15 PM
I love the Rosco!!!!! Now I need to track down a Flash....Flash should come as an accessory for Rosco.

Aug 24, '13, 5:08 AM
Awesome !!!!!

Aug 24, '13, 9:32 AM
Rosco is definitely my fave of the bunch.

And glad to see Bo's hair is not dayglo.

Aug 24, '13, 10:59 AM
Very nice looking figures!

Aug 24, '13, 12:21 PM
These look so good , i can't wait to see Daisy!

Aug 25, '13, 7:28 AM
Those look nice, and Bo and Luke are more accurate sculpts than the Mego versions. But Mego's Boss Hogg captured Sorell Brooke better, me thinks.


Yup! Mego's Boss Hogg is better. All other CTVT Dukes are superior to Megos though. Figures Inc. is knocking it out of the ball park.

Aug 26, '13, 8:53 PM
those dang Dukes!!,ill be getting these guys,thats for sure .YEE_HAW!!

Random Axe
Aug 26, '13, 10:07 PM
I never thought I'd have any interest in these till now. Those sculpts are pretty darn near perfect and the cards are great too.

Aug 26, '13, 11:45 PM
Can't wait these look really good.

Aug 27, '13, 5:57 AM
It's going to be hard to resist getting all four in 8 inch scale despite me thinking the Hogg and Luke sculpts fall short.

Funny thing is, an easy 8 inch solution might be as simple as swapping the Mego Luke and Hogg heads for the Figures ones.

And jeez, if they don't make a new 8 inch Daisy early-on, I think it's a big mistake. There's absolutely no way their Daisy wouldn't top Mego's.. I assume that'd translate into a LOT of guaranteed sales.

Aug 27, '13, 10:26 AM
I will be getting a couple of these.

Aug 27, '13, 12:54 PM
These look great... While I'm not sold on the likeness of Boss Hogg either, I imagine a cigar would look pretty good wedged in with the extended finger of these hands.

Aug 27, '13, 1:16 PM
So far so good.

Aug 28, '13, 3:11 PM
Yeah these look great, but have no interest in the line. I only collected the originals because of the completist Mego bug.

Sep 3, '13, 12:04 PM
I like the show but not enough to buy figures for myself. I could get a set for my sister for Christmas. She loves Dukes of Hazard. I'm sure they could find a place to live in her M&Ms collection room. :smile: :) :oneeye: :music-smiley-001: ( <-- Those are different colors of M&Ms)

Sep 15, '13, 6:23 AM
They HAVE to make a General Lee!

Sep 16, '13, 10:51 AM
Those look cool! Nice sculpts, especially Roscoe's!

Sep 16, '13, 12:24 PM
These look AWESOME !!! Hope they are available soon. These guys are doing a super job !!!!

Sep 16, '13, 2:54 PM
Rosco is begging to be a Trelane or Steve Martin custom

Sep 17, '13, 2:23 AM
The Boss Hog is terrible. Luke is so-so. But Roscoe and Bo are spot on. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they are producing these regardless. I may mix and match to make the Dukes figures dream team.

Bring us the General Lee next!

Sep 17, '13, 2:24 AM
Also, loving the clothing detail. It all looks great.