View Full Version : Are Wonder Woman figures from the 70s TV series possible ?

Aug 16, '13, 7:43 PM
Not sure if this has been discussed already, but does anyone think there's a chance of Mego like figures down the road for the Lynda Carter TV series? We're getting Batman '66 so maybe's there's hope??

Aug 16, '13, 7:48 PM
I believe that its been stated that the DC license only covers comics and cartoons for now.

Aug 16, '13, 10:08 PM
2015 is 40th Anniversary of 1975 The New Original Wonder Woman TV movie starring Lynda Carter! Figures said its possible, so I hope for Mego 8" and 12" WW TV figures! I have the Mego 12" WW doll painted top!

I want Christopher Reeve Superman and Tim Burton Batman Movies Megos, too! 2014 is 25th anniversary of 1989 Batman movie! Gotta have Keaton and Nicholson!

Aug 17, '13, 6:50 AM

I bought me a reissued Mego Andorian, 8" KISS, and the entire cartoon Ghostbusters lineup. ANYTHING is possible.

Don C.