View Full Version : How durable is the new "hulk" repro body?

Aug 3, '13, 8:50 AM
Have any of you bought the "hulk" body from them? Are they pretty durable? I have a young boy that comes in to my store and his favorite superhero is the Hulk. So I would love to give him a "mego" like hulk. Using their body real Mego head and pants. I am nervous about giving him an original Hulk and having the joints break. Any help would be greatly appreciatted!

Aug 3, '13, 9:05 AM
I bought 2 of them, they are better than their regular bodies IMO

Aug 6, '13, 9:02 PM
Hey Supes,
I bought three green bodies last year to make some Hulks for charity, and one of the three had thinner plastic in the shoulder area so the arm was not right in the shoulder hole. I didn't use that one but just kept it for spare parts.
I also got a grey one for a custom Rhino and it's great!

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Aug 6, '13, 9:53 PM
Better than Vintage loose 1's ... imo.