View Full Version : Evil Knievel.......ROCKS!!!

Jul 31, '13, 10:54 PM
This American Daredevil never looked better in action figure format than now.........Wow!!! :drool_y:

Looks like Figures Toy Company is "Playing for keeps". Their head sculpts are truly "Dead on" in the 8" and 12" format. :drool_y: :drool_y: :drool_y:

Bring on the Motorcycles........

12" Evil Knievel

http://i1330.photobucket.com/albums/w579/Ivaniski/ek_proto_12s1bc_frontem1_zps757eb1da.jpg (http://s1330.photobucket.com/user/Ivaniski/media/ek_proto_12s1bc_frontem1_zps757eb1da.jpg.html)

8'' Evil Knievel

http://i1330.photobucket.com/albums/w579/Ivaniski/ek_proto_8s2bc_frontem_zps71f3dcd1.jpg (http://s1330.photobucket.com/user/Ivaniski/media/ek_proto_8s2bc_frontem_zps71f3dcd1.jpg.html)

Aug 1, '13, 5:34 PM
I like these figures, as well. I sure hope that we see his Harley in both scales.

- Ian

Red Hulk
Aug 1, '13, 5:52 PM
One of my Childhood hero's I would have been all over these as a kid.

Aug 1, '13, 9:09 PM
Those outfits are especially striking. This might be one of those times when I go after both scales, because he's such an iconic personality from the 70's. I loved the stunt cycle set.

Aug 1, '13, 10:56 PM
I'm in for all figures- all scales!

Aug 2, '13, 12:36 AM
Wouldn't mind getting EK in the 3.75" scale with his ride as well.

Aug 2, '13, 3:19 AM
Although I had a EK set as a kid, the whole thing was winding him up, and doing crazy stunts. I just cant see the appeal of this figure. They certainly have to produce somekind of bike for him, to complete this figure.

Aug 2, '13, 11:20 AM
Well, one good thing about these figures...if the company hasn't fixed their body problems they can just slap a sticker on the package that reads: "WITH REALISTIC PRE-BROKEN CRASH LIMBS!"

Aug 2, '13, 12:45 PM
Definitely going to spring for an Evel figure. Looks great.

And, if my Mom is reading this, this time I promise, promise, promise not to light this one on fire like that toy rocket car incident 35 years ago.


Aug 2, '13, 12:50 PM
The top one's expression looks like something smells funny inside that bubble.

Aug 2, '13, 12:50 PM
Evel will be hanging out with Brick Mantooth.

It's been decided.

Aug 2, '13, 12:55 PM
Evel will be hanging out with Brick Mantooth.

It's been decided.

How right you are! I can picture it now. Mustache Col. Austin might show up too.