View Full Version : Snyderman Update

Jul 18, '13, 1:47 PM
All the Snydermans sold after the Meet have been mailed with Vinny's and Steve's going out this week. So, if I've done everything correctly, lol, I have 2 left. If you were on the fence and still want one let me know.

Also, if by some odd chance you haven't received yours yet (other than Vinny and Steve of course) please contact me so I can check my records.

Thanks again to everyone who helped and eveyone that bought. It is much appreciated. Now I can turn my attention to next years....

Jul 18, '13, 2:07 PM
yeay can't wait to get him

Jul 18, '13, 3:18 PM
Does this mean than CAT overstock can now be ordered? :grin: