View Full Version : Kiss 12' monster series

Jul 3, '13, 4:00 PM
i was going to pass on ftc's offerings of the 12 inch kiss figures not so much for the price(i pay a lot anyway for parts from dr mego and such for custom purposes) but was wary of the quality of the body buck.anyway my LCS shop got this set in and i must say they looked very nice and now thinking about buying a set.anybody bought these or other 12 inch ftc figures and offer some critique?thanks

Jul 4, '13, 12:34 PM
I can't offer any insight into the 12 inch set. But I can say I took a dive on a loose 8 inch Gene figure (Sonic Boom) on the Classic TV Toys site which are selling for $11.99. While I was not crazy about the head sculpt, I found the quality of the figure to be better than expected. He didn't have the tightness of the Series One KISS figures, so he was poseable. At that price point, I was pleased enough with the results to order the Hotter than Hell series (loose) to see how they hold up. I have seen the 12 inch Sonic Boom figures at a local comic book shop. I liked Gene, but hated the huge packaging. The backer cards are just massive. Add all of that plastic around the card and it's just an insane space killer. They could knock off a nice chunk of change on the sticker price by just reducing these to a size which compliments the figure, instead of overwhelming it. If they ever offer those loose at a good price, I might buy some to see how they do. I'm not a big fan of Paul's hair on the Sonic Boom figure. It's too straight and cheesy looking. That doesn't seem to be as much of a factor on the Monster version based on photos I've seen. The head sculpt is also good, but needs some added paint apps to bring it out. The factory paint undermines the sculpt in my opinion. But fixable as stated. And as a long time critic of the company, I must say I'm pleased to see improvements being addressed on the figures. For me that is a step in the right direction. They still have work to do on the packaging, which I think impacts their pricing too much. If they can get that under control, they'll be in a much better place.