View Full Version : Submission: Superman Movie characters Luthor, Zod and Jor-El

Feb 18, '08, 9:55 AM
Luthor, Zod and Jor-El from Superman the movie

Author: Austin Hough (megowgsh)

Line: World's Greatest Super Heroes

Toy Execution (Vintage, Custom or Digital Art): Custom

Packaging Execution (Custom or Digital Art): Custom

Toy Customizers/Collaborators: Customizers: Austin Hough and Paul Kuhr (daremo)

Packaging Customizers/Collaborators: Scott A and Earth 2 Chris

Author Notes: We originally made these figs with boxes. Will probably change them to cards. May also add Non and Ursa in costumes similar to Zod's.



Feb 18, '08, 10:36 AM
Dude. Wow, gorgeous....

Feb 18, '08, 10:41 AM
As much as I love the 12" line, these should have been made this way.

Feb 18, '08, 3:45 PM
Those look great! Super job!

Feb 18, '08, 4:04 PM
They look so cool.....

Feb 18, '08, 5:37 PM
Total Mego goodness

Feb 18, '08, 5:40 PM
I love it!!!!!

Feb 18, '08, 6:19 PM
still makes me sick to see that Mego just didn't do this in the first place, I am not sure why they didn't but if they did I am sure that they would look some thing like what you have created.
Nice work.

Thadiun Okona II
Feb 18, '08, 6:39 PM
Very Cool! I agree, they shoulda been done that way.

Earth 2 Chris
Feb 18, '08, 6:44 PM
They look great Austin. Been several years since I did the artwork. I think I could do better now. Still, proud to participate a small bit on these great figures.


Dave Mc
Feb 18, '08, 8:13 PM
Well, it's about time we see some of your stuff here! :biggrin:

Nice looking stuff. Really hope you have the time to extend the lines with Non and Ursa as you mentioned. That would be sweet.

Feb 19, '08, 7:29 PM
Those are cool! I hadn't seen them before.

Mar 28, '08, 11:17 PM
Beyond awesome! Did you make an 8 inch movies Sups too?

Mar 29, '08, 7:41 AM
They are gorgeous. Love them.

Action Martin
Mar 29, '08, 7:50 AM
After 30 years I am still shaking my head in disbelief that Mego never made these figures in the 8" line. I never owned the 12 inchers but I did trade a friend for the Pocket Action Heroes of Jor-El and Luthor. I eventually customized Jor-El into Prince Barin for my Mattel Flash Gordon figures.

Mar 30, '08, 10:43 AM
Beyond awesome! Did you make an 8 inch movies Sups too?

Thanks for the love. I have not made an 8" Supes. YET! :smile: