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EMCE Hammer
Jun 10, '13, 4:56 PM
Saturday came and we all raced to Kruger Street like it was a Black Friday sale on 70" flat screens. I moved fast to make my purchases before the Megoknight could buy everything for the seventeen people he was texting from the museum. The David Lee blowout sale was full of bargains. I finally struck a deal with Dave's brother Paul to buy his remaining stock, as well as Dave. While Dave is an older model, he still works well in spurts. There was plenty of other great merchandise, Mego, ReMego, non-Mego, Mego-esque, glass flowers, Famous Kitchy Glass Globes of Legend, etc. The panels were great, and it was nice to see both Austin and Chad make "their boys" earn their keep. Craig and Jason's announcement was welcome news, Brian was enthralling, and of course Doc was back to tell it like it is.

Aside from sweet deals and sweet presentations, there was also the customs auction. Back again this year, Chris Noon masterfully converted the custom contributions of our talented members into the funds we need to keep the lights on. In the midst of that, Jim Hampton and Scott Pierce took care of the customs contest. Again, another exhibition of the talented members of the site, as well as a glimpse of what the next generation can do.

As we wrapped-up, Austin broadcast a preview of the 1983 ReImagined project which we also replayed in the suite. (More on that later) We did the usual mad scramble to pack-up, then headed to Bella Via's for dinner. It was the best $10 Italian buffet that I have ever eaten. Then it was back to the Mego Suite, where we went out with much more than the whimpers of the previous two evenings. It's not a Meet until we get complaints from the hotel about noise. We wrapped-up fairly late, but I am sure we could have gone on further. I appreciate that the last few out were concerned about me getting some sleep. Ironically, I couldn't sleep after you all left. After awhile I gave up, and cleaned up the suite. I took one last shower in the ridiculously lavish bathroom, then headed for home at the crack of dawn. I dodged two deer on separate occasions, and again saw a fox loping across a median.

Thanks to all who attended - I miss you guys already. Thanks especially to

Kruger Street Toy & Train
The Customs Auction contributors
The Big Toy Auction's Chris Noon
The presenters - especially Austin who made a day of it
Scott and Jim for giving me a hand
Whoever I forgot, because I'm an *** like that
And a special thanks to Mike Conlon for another wonderful keychain. I am packing duals now.

Next year is our tenth anniversary. Hopefully we can come up with something better than flowers and a card.


Jun 10, '13, 5:43 PM
You couldn't have been too noisy, I was two rooms down and I didn't hear a thing. Slept like a baby.

Jun 10, '13, 7:49 PM
Bravo to you Steve for all your efforts!

Jun 10, '13, 9:15 PM
Hey we just followed orders cuz I don't want the HAMMER coming down on me! You're the best sir, it was a pleasur helping out. Count me in for next year.

Jun 10, '13, 11:09 PM
Slept like a baby.

Woke up crying twice and pooped your diaper???

Jun 11, '13, 6:27 AM
Woke up crying twice and pooped your diaper???

That never gets old Chris. NEVER!

Jun 11, '13, 6:56 AM
Woke up crying twice and pooped your diaper???

Woke up crying once and pooped my PJ's. I don't wear diapers. I said I SLEPT like a baby, didn't say I dress like one.

Jun 11, '13, 7:13 AM
excellently authored story Steve :-)

Jun 11, '13, 7:24 AM
Great stories Steve, Made me feel like I was still there and it was happening right now. You must have missed the Berto pull my finger game, cause I think that is really why securitity came :)

Jun 11, '13, 9:01 AM
That never gets old Chris. NEVER!


Woke up crying once and pooped my PJ's. I don't wear diapers. I said I SLEPT like a baby, didn't say I dress like one.


Jun 11, '13, 10:24 PM
Thanks for all the parts you gave Lily - she makes sure to tell her friends "this guy Steve gave me parts to make my figure." she is displaying her new Perseus with last year's Athena on the shelf in her room. THANKS for making her meet special!