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EMCE Hammer
Jun 10, '13, 3:17 PM
We finished our meals and scampered back to the Mego Suite. We laughed, we cried, we sighed......because we are old and we have trouble breathing if we laugh and cry too much at once. We talked about this and that, while warily watching each other as we all thought, "God I am tired. Someone please be the first to leave so I can go to my room and lay down." As I stared at the patio glass, I would have sworn that the raindrops briefly formed the face of johnmiic. The minutes dragged into hours, until finally at at approximately 8:19pm someone broke and could take no more. Who that was isn't important; when they broke, we all broke. The rest of the room occupants melted away, leaving me to prepare for the morning. At 8:25pm, I decided to watch a little ESPN before going to sleep. At 9:14pm, I figured-out how to turn on the TV. At 9:18pm, I realized that the surround sound was piped into the bathroom, and there was a speaker above the toilet. I will never live so well.

Friday morning came, and it was 'game on.' I was joined by the Axe at Kruger Street, and as the day wore on we deftly fielded the registration snafus like Jimmy Connors fielding a Bjorn Borg serve. When lunch rolled around, we went to TJ's sports bar with a delightful pair of foreigners. For the sake of brevity I will refer to them simply as BrEd. They shared news of a superhero from their native land. When they said his name, "Captain Canuck" I thought they meant "Captain K'Nuck" the infamous Klingon scourge from the famous Star Trek fan Film 'We're too fat to play these characters." But I was mistaken; their hero wears red and white, carries a hockey stick, and wields the power of Maple.

We headed back to the museum for set-up and a little pre-meet commerce. Austin and Chad and "The Spawn" unloaded their semi trailers full of equipment. Before we knew it, it was time for our annual tradition of eating marginal pizza and humorously-branded knockoff soda. I departed to open the Mego Suite, as nature was due to call soon and I knew there was no chance I'd get into the Kruger Street bathroom anytime soon.

The traffic into the Mego Suite was a trickle until Kruger Street closed around 9pm. This is not surprising, as it's always preferable to spend time in a room full of Mego as opposed to a room full of EMCE Hammer. As the night wore on, the suite dwellers splintered into two groups - Smoking and Tired/Bored. I tried hanging with the Smoking guns because that's where my new friend BrEd was, but I got sick of the "You ain't smoking, son, we don't like your kind" looks so I headed back inside. Eventually that new "Anderson" dude appeared, and he kept staring at me as if he knew me. His eyes were big and creepy, like some giant frog on a log who was reading my thoughts. Thankfully, the group as a whole succumbed to fatigue before I could whip out a can on the guy. The suite emptied, and I passed out and dreamed of the 'morrow.

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