View Full Version : Toyman's Mego Meet 2013 Recap: Memories & Megos

Jun 9, '13, 10:03 PM
This was my second year and I can certainly say it was twice as fun.

1) Hampton Inn - I loved the hotel and honestly, considering the aquatic center & nice continental breakfast (it was a decent spread) I thought it was worth the monies.

2) The Mego Suite - while the room is very nice, the best part about the Mego Suite is the people. I challenge anyone to show me a better group of people. Being able to talk business, toys & customizing with everyone is awesome.

3) "Where do they get those wonderful toys?" - Not kidding. I set up at a lot of Collectibles shows. In all honesty, I am no slouch when it comes to my set up and product. I seldom find too many booths that truly impress me at most comic conventions. The quality of toys at Mego Meet is amazing. Every booth has something I want. If you walk out of that show empty handed, you didn't do something right. That is a testament to ALL of the dealers that attend.

On Friday night I went to Chad/Sean's room to paint some heads. I had a great time and learned a couple of techniques from Sean and Jim. You guys are amazing. Watching Chad's 3D printer at work was stunning. Hanging out with Sean, Chad, Jim & Chuck was one of the highlights for me. Thanks guys!

Sunday Chad/Sean, Austin/Kyle & my wife Stacey and I drove back to Indianapolis in a "convoy". It was great to stop off at a large antique mall and o some shopping and then grab a "quick" bite to eat, before heading home. I was glad to continue my Mego Meet exoerience as long as I could.

In closing, I want to throw out some quick shout outs.

Jim - I just want to say I think you are an amazing person & I truly respect you. We didn't chat enough.

Austin - love ya brother!

Scott A - thanks for the chats. They meant a lot to me.

Chuck - I could talk business/toys with you all night long....oh, we did. LOL. It was great seeing you again! Rhode Island Comicon can't come quick enough!

Chad - Getting together once a year isn't enough! Party at Austin's!!

Sean - Thanks for the painting tips. Great seeing you again.

Steve - thanks for everything you do to make the Mego Meet & Mego Museum everything it is. Your hard work does not go unnoticed.

Berto - I am glad we got a chance to chat more this year.

Mike C - Great seeing you and Moe again. Appreciate the cloth Robin belt! Tell Moe thanks again for the T1 Robin!

I could go on and on...... Overall, the only negative to the weekend is that it goes by so fast.

Jun 9, '13, 10:13 PM
Which antique mall did you stop at? Two favorites of mine are on the way to Indy.

Heart of America and Springfield Antiques.

My brother lives in Dayton and I always go to both when I visit!

Jun 10, '13, 12:19 AM
Which antique mall did you stop at? Two favorites of mine are on the way to Indy.

Heart of America and Springfield Antiques.

My brother lives in Dayton and I always go to both when I visit!

We went to Heart Of America. Decent mall, but not a lot of stuff for us Mego heads.

Jun 10, '13, 12:20 AM
Here is a pic of my haul from this year. Lots of goodies. :drool_y:


Jun 10, '13, 12:21 AM
I saw a scant few last time I was there, but they weren't cheap. I think you would have better luck at Springfield Antiques. It seemed to have more toys.

I also saw a Medusa (Marvel's Inhumans) Third Eye black light poster from the 70s last time I was there.

Nice Green Arrow Moon Glass. And I see you found a Supergirl somewhere!

As for where I get my wonderful toys? I put in the foot time, and developed a network. The people I deal with cut me deals so I can pass savings on to you! I go to many shows and hunt for bargains. This past year I passed up a near complete ROM that I regret not buying.

Next year I plan on having more great deals.

Jun 10, '13, 12:44 AM
I picked up Supergirl at the antique mall, ironically enough. ;-)

Jun 10, '13, 12:52 AM
Glad you found one. I saw one recently at the antique mall I deal out of, but I couldn't get back on Saturday to check.

Jun 10, '13, 5:13 AM
Great to see you Chris. I had the option of stopping at both an antique mall and a comic show on the way home, but since I do the trip solo my body finally said "enough' and I just went home.

Jun 10, '13, 6:32 AM
Looks like you got some great stuff!
It will take me months to get over not going.

Just thinking of all the mego goodness I missed is making me sick!

Jun 10, '13, 7:04 AM
Chris, you are truly an awesome guy and you have a wife who works her tail off for ya! Spoil her rotten. ;-)
We're definitely going to hook up between now and next MM...so you can add another marvel character to your collection lol

Jun 10, '13, 11:19 AM
You and Stacey have been great additions to the "family" and are simply a pleasure to be with. Look forward to seeing you guys again in Nov. I'll reiterate the general consensus, that once a year simply isn't enough.

EMCE Hammer
Jun 10, '13, 12:18 PM
Thanks for bringing all the cool stuff, including the cool wife. It cracks me up that she won't let you load the van.

Jun 10, '13, 12:34 PM
Nice to see you both again Chris, you brought a spectacular spread this year.

Jun 10, '13, 1:06 PM
Two of the nicest people on the planet. Always a pleaseure.