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Random Axe
Jun 5, '13, 3:27 PM
Okay, I'm in WV. What a boring drive up 71 and then 70. Anyone coming up through Cincinnati and COlumbus be careful of speed traps. I don't rememeber seeing many police out in the six years I've been coming but there were seven on 71 alone. Everyone be careful and safe on the way here. I thought I cheaped out at the Super8 this year, but they raised prices again. Last time coming here. If anyone wants to call when they arrive or just to say hey, hit me at 513-379-4647. See a bunch of you tomorrow.

Jun 5, '13, 4:22 PM
It's not all bad. Even with the price increase you're saving big staying there. So more $ for the Meet itself. See you tomorrow.

Jun 5, '13, 4:43 PM
I will be there tomorrow as well.

EMCE Hammer
Jun 5, '13, 5:44 PM
I am coming to you from the Hampton Inn. What is it about WV and funky hotel entrances? The room I have is nice; I take possession of the Mego Suite and conference room tomorrow. So far, so good. I am going to check the TJ's soon.

Jun 5, '13, 6:07 PM
I'll see y'all on Saturday afternoon if the current weather forecast holds up

Jun 5, '13, 7:48 PM
Glad you Made it safe and sound! Keep things warm for everyone :)

wayne foundation 07
Jun 5, '13, 7:58 PM
Glad you made it okay

Jun 5, '13, 8:20 PM
See ya tomorrow.

Jun 5, '13, 8:37 PM
Damn I can't wait to see you guys Saturday!

Jun 5, '13, 10:22 PM
I still have one day of work between now and the meet. I will likely arrive early Friday.

David Lee
Jun 5, '13, 10:26 PM
Here at the 8... Watching Duck Dynasty... Gonna crash soon...

Jun 5, '13, 11:43 PM
Toy hunter is on!

Legend of Link
Jun 6, '13, 7:03 AM
Me and the old man just left and onward to the Meet.

Best of wishes to everyone traveling

Jun 6, '13, 2:04 PM
Checked in!

Jun 6, '13, 3:22 PM
Checked in now.

Jun 6, '13, 5:25 PM
The Hampton Inn is better than expected, I may not leave my room.

Jun 6, '13, 5:36 PM
Hampton Inn is really nice. I've stayed there shooting a couple of high school basketball tournaments. Very comfy. Collette will be staying at it. (I'll be going home at night to take care of the pets and get more stuff.)

Jun 7, '13, 11:14 PM
I'm stuck at home all weekend.:( I'll be house sitting for my Bro while he's outta state. I was hoping to get to the Meet mainly to pass off all the fracking Canadian currency to Brian I've been getting all year round. Seriously I got a cupholder full of Cannuck coins in the pick-up. I live in Pittsburgh PA! How s all these coins getting down here!!!