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Jun 3, '13, 10:50 PM
Hello all! The girls and I, as well as Ray, lol, can't wait for Friday! Not only is it their last day of school, but as you all know- it's MEGO MEET :-)

By request I will be making fudge again, with the addition of a suger-free chocolate that I promised I would bring if I was making fudge again.

Also, I am a consultant for Mary Kay and would like to invite any of the women coming a facial session (no cost for these everyone, just some 'me' time for the ladies!) while we're all out there. I will most likely be staying at the Super 8 (although can't make my reservation until Wednesday- I know, short notice) but there would be plenty of space in the snack-bar area as well. It would only take about 20 minutes for the core of it.

If anyone is interested, just send me a message if you can before or let me know when we're all out there.

Have to put this in: My unit is collecting donations for Operation Sunscreen. $25 donation(tax deductable) sends 2 suncreens + 2 lip protector's w/sunscreen over to our military in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. It's a good cause and the soldiers truly appreciate the help. If you want, notes can also be sent with the items. :-)

Again, can't wait to see everyone again and meet the new faces coming. Anya will be bring back the trophy for this year's race- those are so much fun y'all!

Random Axe
Jun 4, '13, 7:35 PM
^^^Did I just read the words sugar free chocolate fudge? Oh yeah.

Jun 4, '13, 10:00 PM
My wife says she'd be in for a facial. She really loved the idea.

Jun 5, '13, 10:35 AM
I am so glad i did not read Godzilla's post out of context, LOL

Jun 5, '13, 5:36 PM
I came home from work today and there was so much fudge cooling on the kitchen table!

Peanut butter... milk chocolate... dark chocolate. Sugar-free recipe cards & note around, too.

A master at work!

Jun 5, '13, 9:25 PM
why yes you did- I always try my best to keep my promises :-D

Jun 5, '13, 9:27 PM
sort of there Ray.

Peanut butter, milk chocolate, mint chocolate, and sugar-free chocolate. Going to make 2 different batches from different recipes and bring the better (in my opinion) one out.(or even bring both out if they are both yummie)

Jun 5, '13, 9:30 PM
awesome! I'll be at the Hampton when not ast the meet, but will have my bag o'fun with me each place

Jun 5, '13, 9:30 PM
ooooh, do tell ;-)