View Full Version : Anyone need CTVT Munsters?-MM Only

May 27, '13, 1:43 PM
Last one, I promise. Had another "cleaning up" find. If anyone wants CTVT Lily & Marilyn Munster, I have them unopened and can bring them to to the meet $15 each. If you happen to want both I'll take $25 for the pair. This is again a Meet only offer.

May 27, '13, 3:02 PM
Mike. If no one gets them bring them and you can put them on my sales table. I can't see someone not grabbing them. Munsters was one of the few licenses CTVT did that I liked. They were fairly well done except for the bodies. Lily and Marilyn were the 2 hardest to get as well. Someone will impulse buy at the Meet. They always do.

May 27, '13, 5:56 PM
If there is a Munster fan that doesn't live too far from Mego Meet they may. Beverly Owen (Marilyn) as well as Butch Patrick will be near Butler, PA in July at a signing.