View Full Version : What stuff should I bring for my table...need feed back

May 25, '13, 11:53 AM
Hey guys.....I need to gauge what other 8 inch figure titles I should plan to bring from Diamond and Bif Bang Pow....universal monsters...galactica...venture bros....dr who...six million dollar man...twilight zone...flash gordon...comic con exclusives....including the things just arrived this week I don't want to bring items nobody is looking for so please give me feed back...thanks :wink_y:

wayne foundation 07
May 25, '13, 1:01 PM
you got anything Scooby Doo?

May 25, '13, 4:21 PM
My fiancée may be looking for some presidential monsters and lost characters

May 25, '13, 5:16 PM
monsters for sure!

Random Axe
May 25, '13, 7:22 PM
I'll be buying up Ventures for sure and loose retro actions if available. I understand the new BBP Ventures are shipping so maybe someone will have those there...

I still need from Venture:

Both henchmen
Lunchbox set

and I'll grab all four new releases

May 25, '13, 8:56 PM
I am interested in Venture and Who.

May 26, '13, 1:50 PM
I'm bringing all the just released "ventures" and probably some of the older waves.

I'm bringing "presidential monsters"....."mattel and matty retro's"

will probably bring all the just released "six mill. dollar man" "dr who" and "twilight zone" with some of their older waves but still not sure....

is any one looking for "battle star galactica"

let more know what you guys need and want....I can still bring more