View Full Version : Molding and Casting starter kits available from Reproheads and Eager Polymers at MM13

May 24, '13, 6:47 AM
To coincide with my molding and casting presentation, and as a show special for Mego Meet 2013, my friends at Eager Polymers are offering a starter kit which includes

2 qt kit dragon skin mold making silicone
1 pint silicone dilutant
1 sleeve of the Medical measuring cups
1 package of Popsicle sticks/stirrers
2 qt kit sc300 casting resin

Retail price is $105. Show special: ONLY $79.95!!!!

I will be bringing 2 kits to MM13 to sell. If you want to reserve one please message me. I can bring more if the demand is there.

And, Eager Polymers will offer this special for up to 30 days after the Meet just by calling in and mentioning Mego Meet or my name. Shipping and handling charges will apply at that time, though.


or call Mark at 773-927-3484

See you at Mego Meet 2013! And, as always, thanks for looking.

Peace, Love and Megos,


May 24, '13, 8:42 AM
Well, that was fast!

First kit spoken for by Toyman Chris.

Thank you Chris!

May 24, '13, 5:48 PM
I'm curous - If one was casting heads, for example, or similarly-sized items - how many mego-sized heads could one mold and cast from a kit that size?

May 24, '13, 6:36 PM
For casting:

There are 32 ounces in 1 quart so 64 ounces in a 2 quart kit

A standard Mego 8" head uses approximately 1/2 ounce of casting resin per head. So approximately 128 heads could be cast from a 2 quart kit.

For mold making:

Again 64 ounces in a 2 quart kit.

Approximately 3 ounces volume (max) to make a head mold using a standard bathroom cup so approximately 20 head molds from a 2 quart kit.

If I did the math correctly and if you use make each mold exactly the same. There will, of course, be some variance depending upon the size of the head you are molding and casting but these numbers should give a good estimate.

May 25, '13, 9:54 PM
Thanks! That seems like a good explanation!

Jun 24, '13, 10:36 AM
Special still going on. Don't forget to call Mark!

Jun 24, '13, 11:22 AM
Very cool.. this is most certainly on the top of my to do list! Thanks Austin!