View Full Version : Why are the rank stripes silver?

Feb 15, '08, 8:37 PM
While I know it is impossible to re-create the MEGO Trek figs exactly, surely getting the color of the rank stripes correct would have been a no brainer. Kirk's was gold, yet for some reason Spock and McCoy's are silver. Or is there another reason why they are silver? They didn't try to match the (also incorrect color) silver insignia did they?

Feb 15, '08, 8:58 PM
The pre-production samples I saw had gold bands, but when I opened my
first box on Jan. 3rd all the Spocks had silver bands.

My guy in China tried to tell me that they had ALWAYS been silver.
Oh, by the way, McCoy is silver too. They did both at the same time.

Future versions of these two figures will be gold. Scotty will be gold.

So you can look at it as a variant or as a factory error.

Anyone who wants a gold band blue shirt has to mail me back the
silver band one, and I will make good on it.

Feb 15, '08, 9:10 PM
Wow. If all future productions are going to be in gold, that certainly makes this current line a unique variant. Sounds like an investment! Just what my wife needs to hear from me after watching me buy a 12 " Rambo for $105.00... :muh:
But I like it!!!! :drool_y:

Feb 15, '08, 9:16 PM
Cool I always love the variations :grin:

Feb 17, '08, 10:19 AM
Cool! Thanks for the explanation. I like the sound of variant hehe...