View Full Version : We need 12" DC Comics figures, too!

May 14, '13, 2:29 PM
In megomuseum interview with Anthony Balasco when asked if there will be 12" DC Comics figures, too, Anthony said "Figures Toy Company will focus our entire resources on 8 inch only."

He did not say if 12" figures are included in the DC license or not. Does this have to do with Sideshow making 12" DC figures?

I would love Mego 12" reissues of Superman and Wonder Woman lines and Magnetic Batman and Robin and NEW!

Earth 2 Chris
May 14, '13, 2:35 PM
I'd like to see them too, but I'd rather they hold off a bit and get some 8" figures done first. I can't afford all of this!


May 14, '13, 3:01 PM
As much as they have tied up in these various licenses, I imagine it would be risky at best to try and achieve profit by selling both scales until they see what the demand is on the classic versions. Plus if they want to expand that line, they can't be held up on what doesn't sell in the 12 inch format. They would probably cost $70.00a piece anyway and stand in front of two foot wide backer cards. Where the heck are you going to display these things? Hopefully they have scaled things down a bit for the eight inch variety. Those KISS figures even at 8 inches were big time space killers in all of that packaging.

EMCE Hammer
May 14, '13, 3:23 PM
I dream of some 12" stuff too, but that would be far off in the future. The focus is 8", and I can almost guarantee that the depth of what they have planned is going to blow people away.

May 14, '13, 4:21 PM
Same here. I'd like to see some decent 12" figures that don't break the bank, but let's get the 8" stuff first. They're easier to store anyway.

May 14, '13, 4:50 PM
At least Giganta and Apache Chief in 12 inch.

May 14, '13, 6:01 PM
Can Figures make 12" DC figures if it wants to or is 12" not included in DC license just 8"?

May 14, '13, 7:38 PM
I prefer the 8" versions. 12" would be nice but just for the DC figures would cost $1600 to get the whole set. I would have no space to display those huge backer cards. I mean I can get 25 8" for $625 plus have space to display them. Besides the 8" are the ones I had as a child and are more in my financial range. I guessing these will do better for figures then retro action did for mattel. I mean we could have 30+ figures plus several playsets and vehicles in 2 years alone. And what if they are able to get Marvel, it boggles the mind.

filmation batman fan
May 16, '13, 2:30 PM
If this were at all possible, I would like to see a 12 inch classic Aquaman made. He would go great with the 12 in Superman and Wonder Woman and the Magnetic Batman and Robin. 12 in SuperFriends would rule.

May 17, '13, 8:03 AM

I prefer the 8" scale.... that way everyone's in the same scale and they can all fight. (Right now Gene Simmons is fighting with my Tomland cyclops and an 8" scale Ewok on my tv.) I think 12" figures would be a trick for CTVT, since there are so many other companies doing them, and they're more a high-end collectible.

>At least Giganta and Apache Chief in 12 inch.

Yeah.... except for them! Those would be cool. And proper 12" Mego-esque bods would be great for customs.

Don C.

May 17, '13, 8:58 PM
it would be cool if they did the magnetic 12" batman and robin.i had the batman and it certainly had a better(scowl)headsculpt then the eight inch mego.

Brown Bear
May 17, '13, 9:16 PM
I'd really enjoy seeing the 8" mego reproduced at the 12" scale. Just imagine a Riddler, Aquaman or Shazam at 12"?

filmation batman fan
May 20, '13, 1:31 PM
I'd really enjoy seeing the 8" mego reproduced at the 12" scale. Just imagine a Riddler, Aquaman or Shazam at 12"? Agreed. I would like a 12 inch Aquaman myself using that muscular Mego body in the classic orange & green costume. Also Captain Marvel at 12 inches would be great too!

May 21, '13, 6:37 AM
For years I collected 12" figures but that was my methadone before the hard candy was released by BBP, Emce and Figures.

May 21, '13, 6:55 AM
At least Giganta and Apache Chief in 12 inch.